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    7 Easy, Natural and Inexpensive Ways For Heavy Metal Detox

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    Excess heavy metals in the body can lead to illness and disease. Learn these seven ways to remove excess heavy metals from the body.

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    NOVEMBER 25 (San Diego) – The buildup of heavy metals in the body can weaken the immune system, causing illness and disease. It also can lead to feeling tired constantly, poor sleep, frequent headaches and weight gain. Common heavy metals include iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, cobalt, manganese, mercury and lead.

    There are  several simple remedies for fighting back.

    One strategy recommended is having Mercury free dental work, or re-work done. Mercury is a metal who's "vapor" can enter directly into the bloodstream. Mercury has been known to cause health issues such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

    Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden have banned or discouraged mercury fillings, especially in children and pregnant women. However, the American Dental Association has publicly stated that this toxic metal is "safe and acceptable" metal for use in dental work.

    Another remedy is the use of Chlorella to remove heavy metal build up.

    Chlorella is a nutrient rich algae. It's becoming more and more popular for its ability to bind itself to heavy metals, chemicals and some pesticides while they remain in your GI tract.

    Other ways to detox your body from the symptoms of heavy metal toxicities are removing processed food and sugar from your diet, consuming more Garlic, strengthening your liver with milk thistle and of course exercise.

    To read more about toxic metals and how to reverse their dangerous effects:












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