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    A new program launches that is designed around reputation management tools.

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    Rep Toolbox has just launched their new software platform that gives individuals the capability to manage all social media and brand building from one place. Complete with social media posting capabilities and tools to manage RSS feeds this new software has all the social media and reputation management tools anyone will need.

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    A new software program from Reputation Management Toolbox (Rep Toolbox) has just been launched. This software is specifically designed to help it’s users manage multiple aspects of brand building, reputation management, social media, and social SEO all from one place using one simple software platform. It brings together multiple strategies to make both brand building and reputation management both simple and effective.

    This new software includes features like custom posting, which gives the user control over all of their social media efforts from one convenient place. It also implements strategies such as RSS syndication, mashing of RSS feeds, and even link building. This program  is great for SEO specialists, brand builders, reputation management specialists, and social media managers. It’s specially designed to make the users efforts more concise and organized while still allowing them to keep up with multiple aspects of their social media efforts all at one time, from one convenient place.

    Not only does this new program come with the most important reputation management tools, it supports all of the major social media platforms complete with a posting tool. The posting tool allows you to post to a Google+ profile, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook fan page right from the users account.

    About: Rep ToolBox is the creation of Roger Bryan and his team at Enfusen Digital Marketing. After three years of using these tools successfully for his clients’ brand building, reputation management, social SEO, and social media he has decided to invite others to utilize this money and time saving software. For more information visit their website at http://www.reputationmanagementtoolbox.com


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    Roger Bryan

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