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    Adoptions From The Heart Opens Office Outside Of Pittsburgh, PA

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    Adoptions From The Heart, a USA based adoption agency, is pleased to announce their new location in Greensburg, PA, serving the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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    Adoptions From The Heart, an adoption agency that has been working with families throughout the United States since 1985 is pleased to announce their office based outside of Pittsburgh, PA in the town of Greensburg, PA.

    Every year, thousands of Americans decide to pursue adoption as a way to create a family. While many seek to adopt from another country, others are finding that their needs can be met through a domestic adoption. In fact, Pennsylvania state representatives have been working to make the process easier and less stressful for couples looking to adopt a child.

    Not only does the Adoptions From The Heart team work with singles and couples looking to start or add to their family, they also provide services to pregnant women who would like to learn more about their options. This may include assisting them with health insurance claims, counseling, and legal assistance.

    The agency has a non-discrimination policy and are happy to provide their services to clients regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, or English proficiency. They provide Home Study Services, Identified Adoption Services, Intermediary Adoption Services, Counseling Services, and Post-Placement Visits.

    Since first opening their doors, they have successfully placed more than 6,000 infants into loving homes and are excited to expand into new locations to continue that work. They have also worked hard to combat common misconceptions about adoption and to educate the public. Not only do they hold frequent local events, the team also puts together online webinars in order to provide support to those interested in learning more throughout the country.

    Adoptions From The Heart also regularly hosts support groups for both families that are waiting for a child and those who have already adopted and would like to share their thoughts and feelings.

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