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    Adwil Solutions Pushing for Businesses to Get Up to Speed on Their Mobile Branding

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    Adwil Solutions is pushing customers old and new to upgrade their mobile marketing presence sooner rather than later. The Smart Phone is the yellow pages not of the future, but of the now.

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    Adwil Solutions has launched a new initiative specifically designed for customers to get their mobile branding up to where it needs to be. Mobile is the next wave of business branding and customers who have a scarce web presence may get skipped in a development step altogether. Adwil Solutions has pushed the importance of their app development and digital marketing capabilities especially as companies deal with transitioning to mobile based applications and services almost as the norm.

    Simply put, a mobile presence is no longer considered a cutting edge aspect of branding – instead it is a basic requirement. Potential customers are currently spending over 50% of their online time connected through a mobile device. Mobile shopping already owns a 30 to 50 percent share of all e-commerce with that number only expected to rise at a rapid pace.

    There are still a large number of businesses who feel that a web presence means just having a website and/or a social media account. The businesses who still don't offer the ability to purchase their products online are going to miss a whole stage of development as commerce moves to nearly completely mobile-based. Even if potential customers aren't buying via their mobile device, they are searching for businesses and seeing what other people are saying via Yelp and other online review sites.

    Adwil Solutions wants to get customers up to speed with an aggressive mobile-based business development strategy. The company offers a set of solutions that is geared specifically towards online and digital marketing including graphic design, web development, and app development. Adwil's latest approach aims to get customers a mobile presence with all of the latest and most proficient technology. They are especially focusing their efforts on industries where a mobile existence may still be considered 'non-traditional'. Some of which include construction, lawyers, and bakeries.

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    Means of traditional marketing are almost at their end. Billboards, yellow page ads, and similar concepts that were successful in the past are inching towards retirement. Even simply having a business website is somewhat outdated in itself. Today businesses need to start focusing on enhancing their mobile brand. 7 out of 10 customers are going to search for you via their mobile device these days so a failed mobile presence means you're only reaching 30% of your potential.
    - Aden Hochstetler
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