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    Atlanta Attorney Thinks Snapchat Accident Proves Georgia Needs Stricter Phone Laws

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    The attorneys at Millar and Mixon, LLC comment on the recent announcement that felony charges have been brought against a teen who seriously injured another driver while Snapchatting behind the wheel.

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    News that a Georgia teenager has been charged with a felony for causing a serious injury with a vehicle after she caused an accident while using the app, Snapchat, has gained national attention. What many have pointed out, is that laws regarding cell phone use while driving may not be strict enough.

    Currently, the law in Georgia states that anyone caught texting, emailing, or using an app can be fined up to $150 and have one point added to their license. But the law doesn’t stop drivers from using their cell phone to talk, which can be just as distracting. The chances of catching a driver with a phone in their hands can also be extremely difficult, which is why most drivers continue to ignore the law - they don’t fear the consequences of being caught. This could explain why the driver, in this case, wasn’t concerned as she sped down a 55 mph road going over 100 mph, just so that she could “snap” a picture of herself pushing the speed limits.

    While she did sustain some injuries, which she snapchatted a picture of while being taken to the hospital in a neck brace to numerous friends with the phrase “lucky to be alive” across the screen, she recovered quickly. The driver of the other car was not as lucky.

    The victim in the other car sustained serious injuries which left him in a coma for several days after the accident. He then spent five weeks in a rehabilitation therapy center before being moved home. He continues to have issues due to a traumatic brain injury and is unable to return to work. His wife spends much of her time taking care of him.

    Injuries, like those that the victim continues to suffer from, are devastating and life-altering. This is why it is vitally important that the people of Georgia protect themselves and their loved ones by pushing for stricter laws on phone use while driving.

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