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    Bill Engvall Wears Energy Muse While “Dancing With the Stars”

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    Bill Engvall, noted comedian and actor, is a current competitor on Dancing with the Stars. He has been wearing Energy Muse Performance and Health bracelets each week to spread positive energy through his dance performances.

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    Bill Engvall is famous for his role as a standup comedian, as part of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour,” the spinoff television show and his own series.  Now, the Grammy-nominated Engvall adds yet another dimension to his fame:  contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.”  While performing, the Galveston native has added a special piece of jewelry that may assist him with focusing his energy and talents on his dancing and lead to ultimate success in his new DWTS endeavor.


    While dancing with his lovely partner Emma Slater, Bill has been seen sporting Energy Muse’s Performance and Health bracelet.  This bracelet was created to enhance physical performance and features the following stones:


    • Bloodstone, a natural stone noted for its increase of physical endurance.
    • Black Onyx, a protective stone that acts as a shield against negativity
    • Tiger’s eye, a good luck stone that promotes energetic flow through the body
    • Rutilated Quartz, a healing stone that brings forth strength and originality and enhances creativity


    The bracelet also features an authentic Chinese coin estimated to be between 100 and 500 years old as a symbol of good fortune.  The round shape of this coin symbolizes Heavens while the enclosed square represents Earth.


    Bill’s Performance and Health bracelet can be seen on the Energy Muse website at www.energymuse.com along with the entire line of men’s and women’s health-giving and life-affirming crystal jewelry.  Those who wear Energy Muse jewelry believe that the formation of these crystals and gemstone conveys power and strength to the body and mind, promoting a healthy, peaceful lifestyle.


    Energy Muse wishes Mr. Engvall and Ms. Slater luck with their performance on “Dancing with the Stars” and hopes that the Performance and Health bracelet gives Bill the power and push he needs to succeed in his dancing goals.


    About Energy Muse:  Energy Muse Jewelry is designed to balance the body’s energy, both physical and spiritual, and to release mental and spiritual blockages.  Energy Muse crystals offer protection and healing for the body, mind and spirit and may enhance performance and good health in those who wear them regularly.


    For More Information:  www.energymuse.com



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