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    Black Ink Insurance Introduces Fast E&O Insurance Quotes

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    Black Ink Insurance, Inc., specializes in providing E & O (Errors and Omission) insurance to selling agents and home owners. This company promises its corporate and individual clients fast response regarding E&O quotes.

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    Insurance companies specializing in E and O or Errors and Omissions coverage provide real estate brokers protection against negligence claims and subsequent court-awarded damages. Both individuals and real estate companies find E and O useful protection against expensive lawsuits. Black Ink Insurance, Inc., has offered this service to California real estate agencies since 1996, and more recently, to individuals. As real estate transactions can require both speed and attention to detail, it is vital for E and O insurance providers to offer their clients prompt quotes.

    Black Ink prides itself on providing customers quick, no-cost E and O insurance quotes as seen at http://www.blackinkinsurance.com/. This professional real estate insurance company offers free, no-hassle quotes to help realtors and individual home sellers determine their budgets and needs. Brokers and home sellers often need this information quickly, so it is important for Black Ink to be able to provide rapid turnaround on E and O quotes.

    Professional liability insurance  is used by a number of businesses. Business owners are often liable for costly mistakes by employees. This type of insurance covers expenses incurred by employee clerical errors or omissions. A home seller or the real estate agent managing the sale of a property will often find this kind of coverage very valuable, especially if someone is rushing to provide a prompt but accurate quote.

    Real estate errors and omissions insurance as seen at http://www.blackinkinsurance.com/forms/realEstateEOQuote.html protects professionals from errors caused by human imperfections; such errors are not uncommon when dealing with complex data related to a real estate sale. Black Ink Insurance is able to help realtors protect themselves with Errors and Omissions coverage and fast, accurate quotes.

    About Black Ink Insurance: Black Ink Insurance Services, Inc., is the industry leader in professional liability insurance and real estate errors and omissions insurance. The California-based agency works closely with the highest quality insurance companies to deliver comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

    For More Information:

    Jason Spitzer

    Black Ink Insurance

    316 Riverside Ave.

    Roseville, California 95678

    (916) 774-0498

    [email protected]



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    Jason Spitzer

    (916) 774-0498


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