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    Boost Search Rankings In 2014 – New Video from SEO Expert

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    Steve Ovens, SEO expert from Melbourne SEO Services, has recently published a video sharing what previously worked with search engine optimization in recent years and the new trends which online marketers must pay attention to going into 2014.

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    Melbourne, Australia (December 15, 2013)— SEO Expert Steve Ovens has released a new video which will help online marketers build better websites and generate more leads for their business.

    In the video, entitled SEO Ranking Factors 2014, the optimization specialist opened the discussion by explaining the ranking factors which were once important in traditional SEO. He then proceeded to tell the audience which of those elements will continue to be relevant in the coming year.

    One of the SEO ranking factors discussed is something called the backlink. Ovens emphasized that because of Google’s filter, Penguin, the quality of the links matter more than their quantity. “What Google is really looking for there, is for you to get links from other trust-worthy sites…as well as sites which have authority.”

    Another important point of discussion in the video was Google’s implementation of Hummingbird, the search engine’s new, “smarter” ranking algorithm. The roll out of Hummingbird in August 2013 was said to be the biggest change Google has made to its core algorithm in the last 15 years. According to Steve, “What they’re moving towards is being able to understand the intent behind the search, so they are referring to it as conversational searching or semantic searching.”

    He continues, “What this really means is that it’s important for you to have relationships within your market. Google is looking at social signals, as well as those all-important links from other relevant sites because all of those are giving Google the signal that you are an authoritative site…”

    Ovens also provided valuable tips that businesses can use to improve their website. “Provide frequently asked questions, create good content…you really want to be the voice in your market.”

    To learn more about the ranking factors which will continue to be relevant in 2014, watch the SEO authority’s informative video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9vq5l9QIik

    To learn more about how to obtain a website SEO scorecard and to improve its search ranking, contact Melbourne SEO Services  at 1 300 662 979.

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    “Provide frequently asked questions, create good content… you really want to be the voice in your market.”
    - Steve Ovens
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