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    Building Muscle Research Reveals New Discovery in Fitness Development For Men

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    The science of building muscle is simple. Fitness expert Dominic Kozlowski launches his new website to teach and inspire men to get the body they want. No fluff. No nonsense.

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    Seattle, WA – Fitness expert Dominic Kozlowski finally reveals his coveted secrets of building muscle and how to gain weight fast for men to the public. After going through years of struggle trying to find the best way to get into great shape, Dominic has discovered the key and wants to share it.

    Being overweight his entire life, Kozlowski finally reached a point where something had to change. “I was sick of not being taken seriously,” he said in a recent interview. “I wanted girls to notice me and I wanted to be given the respect I deserved.”

    Having gone through an 8-year struggle, Dominic (better known as ‘Nic’) has done extensive research and tried countless diets and workout plans, all in an effort to get that shredded, muscular look that so many men are after.

    In his mission to lose fat and gain muscle he has spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to find the best solution. That is why he is so passionate about helping other men who are in a similar situation as he used to be. The new website teaches about building muscle (http://FitnessStrengthPower.com) and how to gain weight fast through proper, well planned, easy to follow, workout and diet.

    “Building muscle is not an easy achievement, especially when you are trying to bulk up,” Nic reported when being asked about his success. “Now that I have done it myself and I know what works and what doesn’t, I want to share my expertise and teach how to gain weight fast for men without them having to go through the same headaches that I did.”

    “The secret is all in how your muscles grow when you train. Once you get that down and understand it, you’re set.” Kozlowski stated that after learning so much about the body, how we respond to different stimuli and how muscles are built he is confident that by sharing the information he has mastered he will stop other men from going through the same frustrating struggles he did.

    Luckily, his new website leaves no room for guesswork. Nic has laid everything out in a step-by-step formula, teaching readers exactly what they have to do in order to reach their fitness goals.

    He uncovers information that he claims many fitness gurus never expose, including: - Key diet and nutrition elements that are stopping you from achieving your muscle building goals - Simple home care techniques that will help you get lean and shredded - Common things to stay away from that may be sabotaging all your hard work

    In an effort to make all of these tips easy and accessible to anyone, Kozlowski has put together a guide called “The 7 Secrets.” This course helps fitness enthusiasts get started on the right foot by giving fat shredding, muscle building tips as well as diet and nutritional information.

    “I’ve had tons of great feedback from ‘The 7 Secrets.’ Even guys who have been working out for years said that it changed how they looked at training and fitness,” Nic added.

    “The 7 Secrets” is a $47 seven day course that is currently being given away for free as a special bonus gift with the launch of the site. Anyone who is looking to gain muscle and get into great shape is being encouraged to take advantage of this free offer while its still available.

    To claim your free gift, visit http://FitnessStrengthPower.com to download your free copy of “The 7 Secrets” today.

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    “The secret is all in how your muscles grow when you train. Once you get that down and understand it, you’re set.”
    - Dominic Kozlowski
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    Dominic Kozlowski

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