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    Calasanz Helps Clients Nurture their Spirit with Martial Arts

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    Calasanz martial arts studio in Norwalk, CT, helps clients to nurture their spirit through the ancient practice of martial arts. Using time honored techniques connecting the mind and body, Calasanz helps clients to awaken their spirit.

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    Calasanz martial arts studio in Norwalk, CT, is helping clients to awaken their spirit.  More than just a gym in Norwalk, Calasanz's studio teaches clients the ancient practice of martial arts.  Connecting the body and the mind, the Calasanz system helps clients to nurture and awaken their spirit.  By leading clients through a series of experiences, this celebrated fitness studio helps clients to create a healthy, strong, confident and harmonious spirit.

    When a person is truly healthy, they are in harmony with their mind, body, and spirit.  Operating under this guiding principle, the celebrated instructors at Calasanz are able to help clients forge a strong and healthy spirit.  Gyms in Norwalk, CT don't often teach clients about the connection between their mind, body, and spirit.  Nor do many gyms offer clients the ability to transform their lives in more ways than just physical.  As an alternative, the team at Calasanz offers clients the ability to transform their entire lives.  By connecting the mind, body, and spirit, the Calasanz system helps clients to achieve harmony in their lives.

    The Calasanz method is a series of guided fitness in Norwalk, CT and martial arts training.  Calasanz has spent over three decades perfecting this system to offer clients the very best in fitness options.  Using this patented method, men, women, and children of all walks of life have achieved their fitness goals.  Whether that was to slim down for an event, to develop muscles, or to heal after a traumatic injury, the Calasanz method has created healthy bodies.  However, Calasanz is more than just a fitness program.  It is a journey of the self where clients can connect their mind, body, and spirit to achieve harmony with the universe.   No matter a client's fitness level, they can receive the spiritual benefits that the Calasanz method provides.  Through this unique system of conditioning, discipline, and self- awakening, clients are able to experience a change in spirit that opens them up to receiving all of life's gifts.

    Clients seeking a non-traditional fitness program are encouraged to seek out the guidance of Calasanz martial arts studio.  A variety of programs can be tailored to help men, women, and children achieve their goals and to forge a strong spirit.  Through the practice of martial arts, clients are able to build character and awaken their strong spirit.

    About Calasanz Martial Arts:  Calasanz Martial Arts is an organization dedicated to developing skills in fitness in Stamford, CT, as well as Norwalk and Westport.   With a local gym in Norwalk, CT, Calasanz also serves those in surrounding areas with unique kickboxing, martial arts, Karate and Kung Fu instruction.  Calasanz has been training in anatomy and martial arts for more than 30 years and combines modern sports and strength training with the latest training in martial arts in Greenwich. To gain more information, please visit  www.calasanz.com or call 1-800-414-9544


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