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    Comprehensive Nashville Hearing Test Recommended After National Hearing Test

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    The website nationalhearingtest.org is now available for phone-based preliminary hearing tests. Test takers who receive a score outside the normal range are encouraged to schedule a complete hearing test with a local audiologist.

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    The NIH-funded, telephone-based National Hearing Test  makes it fast and simple for any person to get an initial hearing test to detect functional hearing loss in one or both ears. While a huge step forward in drawing attention to hearing loss in America and conducting initial screenings, the phone-based hearing test has certain limitations. It's not at all a replacement for the complete hearing tests conducted by Audiologists. The audiologists at Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today - Nashville Hearing Test Experts believe that spreading the word about the National Hearing Test is important. Equally important is having local audiologists available in Nashville to conduct comprehensive hearing tests and provide personalized advice for people who receive a score outside of the normal range on their screening test.

    The National Hearing Test is available at nationalhearingtest.org and costs eight dollars. During Better Speech and Hearing Month, the test is free for the month of May 2014. Since it is telephone-based, the test was created as a speech in noise style test. It is best regarded as a screening for functional hearing - the ability to hear in everyday situations. Test takers receive an assessment of “Normal”, “Slightly Below Normal” or “Poor” for each ear. After finishing the screening, test takers are prompted to contact a local audiologists as a next step. The 'After the Test' page says, "If your results from the National Hearing Test were “marginal or below normal,” you should make an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation by a certified hearing professional. Even if your results are in the “normal” range but you still have concerns about your hearing, we encourage you to seek a complete hearing evaluation as well.”

    Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today in Nashville wants to be the provider of choice for following up on screening results from the National Hearing Test. The experienced audiologists are prepared to administer further testing, offer advice, and respond to questions. The publicity generated by the debut of the National Hearing Test is providing much needed attention to the subject of hearing impairment. As participation in the screening test rises, the demand for local audiologists to provide patient-specific treatment plans and advice will also increase. The hearing care staff at Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today is delighted about positioning their practice as a primary provider of hearing testing and hearing loss treatment in Nashville.

    It is worth noting that to get reliable results from the National Hearing Test, a wall-mounted (not cellular) telephone is needed. Test takers will also have to have the finger dexterity and coordination to key in over 50 numbers using the telephone's number pad. People in Nashville who suspect a hearing problem and who might have trouble taking the test by telephone should directly schedule an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation at Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today.

    About Dr. Jina Scherer: Dr. Jina Scherer completed her undergraduate studies in Audiology and Speech Sciences at Michigan State University and received her Doctor of Audiology degree from Central Michigan University. She is a licensed Audiologist in the state of Tennessee and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A). She is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (FAAA). She is an active member in the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), the American Academy of Audiology, the Ear Foundation, and the Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists.

    About Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today: Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today is the leading provider of hearing loss services and hearing aids in Nashville TN. The goal at Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today is to provide clients with the best possible hearing care, based upon their individual needs. They offer a full range of diagnostic services to determine the cause of any hearing loss and a full line of hearing protection products and custom ear plugs for musicians, shooters and hunters. If a patient has a hearing loss that can be improved with hearing aids, the staff carefully works with that patient's unique hearing profile, lifestyle and budget to select the best possible hearing aid. Once selected, the team works with new patients to properly adjust the hearing aid for different sound environments and provides support tools to help the brain properly interpret the sounds it has been deprived of.  Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today wants to be the total hearing health care provider for Nashville area clients.

    Contact: Dr. Jina Scherer http://www.hearingaidstoday.com

    Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today 99 White Bridge Rd , Ste 106 Nashville, TN 37205 (615) 457-8600

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