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    Concordia’s Core Curriculum Creates Linked Topics for Students

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    Concordia’s core curriculum is designed to help students make connections between various fields of study. As freshmen, students take linked courses that reveal underlying similarities between disciplines, and this linking continues with sophomore studies.

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    Concordia University offers a wide variety of studies in a number of fields, but the underlying idea of core curriculum does not change much from one major to another. Concordia believes that making connections between math, science, art and literature are important, so freshman and sophomore curriculum is chosen and developed for its interconnection between disciplines. Concordia offers a variety of classes in its core curriculum, each of which is linked by underlying principles. For example, students taking required math courses will learn how these fundamental mathematical principles work together with science, and how both math and science principles have influenced history and literature. At Concordia, students are exposed to a varied core curriculum to build a sound basis for all future learning, no matter what their area of concentration. The core curriculum and classes offered by Concordia University encourage students to attain the best liberal arts education has to offer. Concordia's core curriculum includes classes from all the major areas of study, such as mathematics, life and physical sciences, English literature and writing, history and social sciences as well as guided electives. By interrelating all classes and choosing materials that overlap, students can see how the different disciplines work together to create a knowledge base that supports future study in a particular field, up to and including graduate work. Students at Concordia University are free to pursue dozens of undergraduate degrees in fields as diverse as biology, education, music and marketing, while graduate programs are available in teaching, business administration and international development. Doctoral programs are available in both education and law through select campuses. The basis for these far-reaching educational programs, however, remains the strong foundation provided by a solid and integrated core curriculum. About Concordia University: Concordia University is a Christian liberal arts college that provides both on-campus and online classes to meet every student need. Concordia is dedicated to the concept of a complete liberal arts education and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Concordia strives to offer students the very best in educational services in a supportive Christian atmosphere that develops students both intellectually and spiritually. For More Information: www.cu-portland.edu

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