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    Cooke Furniture Discusses the Importance of Fire Safety

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    Fire pit tables are becoming a common feature in California backyards and represent a significant investment of time and money to bring beauty and sophistication to outdoor decorating. It is important to understand the safety issues surrounding fire pits, especially regarding pets and children. Cooke Furniture, a premiere supplier of custom fire pit tables and parts, offers tips for enjoying fire pits safely.

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    August 23, 2013—Bishop, California—Although an outdoor propane fire pit is inherently safer than a wood-burning one, certain safety guidelines must be considered.  Propane and natural gas fire pits, like those designed by Cooke Furniture, can be a permanent patio fixture that can be lighted every time there is a party or when homeowners simply want to enjoy the evening ambiance of a fire without the hassle and danger associated with burning wood, including soot, smoke and possible burn dangers.  However, there are certain measures that owners must take even with outdoor gas fire pits to ensure that everyone can enjoy these luxurious accessories safely.

    Check local ordinances.  Whether Cooke Furniture installs a gas or propane outdoor fire pit table, or owners want to install the fire pit table themselves, it is important that customers check and comply with all local regulations concerning propane fire tables before installing.

    Use the right placement.  A portable propane fire pit or fire pit table set should always be set up away from walls or building overhangs.  The area in which the firepit table sits should also be free of combustible material such as wicker furniture or leaves.  A propane fire pit kit can be used on a wooden deck; however, it is important to purchase the right type of gas fire pit kit to ensure that appropriate heat ventilation is available.  Cooke Furniture always locates fire pit tables in safe areas and can help buyers choose the right location for their new fire pit.

    Choose the right BTUs.  BTUs or British Thermal Units indicate the intensity and heat of the fire from a gas fire table.  Normal range is 40,000 to 60,000 BTUs.  Cooke Furniture can assist homeowners in choosing the right BTU range for fire pits.

    Cover and protect.  Cooke Furniture carries a large range of fire pit screens and other accessories that can help owners maintain their glass fire pit investment.  A fire pit screen can protect delicate mechanisms as well as provide a safety barrier for children and pets.

    Never leave a gas fire unattended when lit.  Cooke Furniture offers easy kits that allow users to turn off the fire pit when not in use.

    Do not allow children to play close to the fire pit.

    Cooke Furniture offers a wide range of glass and other accessories for fire pits; never use any accessories that are not fire-pit approved.

    Emergency shut-off valve. All natural gas fire pits/tables must have an emergency gas shut-off valve located on the premises. An addi-tional gas supply shut-off valve should be installed in or near the fire pit/table for maintenance and safety (it is recommended to shut off supply gas when fire pit/table is not in use).

    Cooke Furniture designs unique fire pits and accessories to satisfy the need of every homeowner.  With a Cooke Furniture fire pit, clients not only gain a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed fire pit for a patio or backyard, but also a safe and easy way to bring the beauty of flame into an outdoor decorative scheme.

    About Cooke Furniture: Cooke Furniture is a distributor of quality outdoor propane fire pits and gas fire pit kits. Made in the USA, all Cooke Furniture gas fire pit tables and fire pit parts are of the highest quality and meet the best industry standards for safety and durability.  Cooke Furniture is proud to provide the components for all types of patio fire pit table configurations including fire pit sets and accessories.

    For More Information: (951) 805-0314 or www.socalfirepits.com

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