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    Craig Petronella Announces Vital Steps To Take Against Computer Thieves

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    Craig Petronella, a professional in cyber security, has disclosed his cyber security methods. Petronella has 23 years of experience in the field of computer network protection and is a two-time IT author with experience in keeping cyber thieves out.

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    Two-time IT author and professional in the field of cyber security, Craig Petronella, has announced methods that he feels can be used to take action against cyber thieves. Craig Petronella has 23 years of experience in this field and computer security.

    Some of his tips for consumers include advising against credit card use over the holiday shopping season, suggesting that while cash takes longer to procure and process, it will keep personal information safe and sound in purses or wallets. Through his experience and knowledge in IT support and security, he recommends that businesses and independent computer users utilize a duo of passwords rather than just one to enter their system. This gives cyber thieves double the trouble when it comes to hacking ones private files.

    Craig Petronella of Petronella Tech has the following to say about consumer network security: "It's important to make sure your networks and systems are as secure as possible. Both small and large businesses are vulnerable, and a security breach can completely ruin a company."

    As a known cyber security expert, he feels that he knows what to look for, not only in security, but also in the personnel that a business hires to cover their security protocol in the office. His book, "Peace of Mind Computer Support" gives warning signs to beware of when hiring such individuals. Things like not guaranteeing their work for 100% satisfaction, talking down to the client with jargon or what Petronella calls "geek speak," appearing sloppy and disheveled, and leaving his or her work area just as disheveled, these are just a few of the 12 tips he gives on this particular subject.

    Petronella elucidates on security measures by introducing to his clients a checklist of 21 points that make their systems safer and less likely to be hacked or stolen. It was developed through experience and long hours of studying previous hackings such as those at the U.S. Postal Service, Staples, Michaels, and Home Depot. In the most recent hacking case involving the United States Postal Service, more than three million files were stolen, leaving officials clueless as to who could have performed such an act. Petronella takes this as a sign that all businesses need to bulk up on security methods which is exactly what he intends to help them do. Petronella has stated previously that his clients are his top priority and safeguarding their data is only one of the services he can offer.

    For questions or concerns regarding this press release or for more information on Petronella Tech please use the contact data to get in touch.

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    It's important to make sure your networks and systems are as secure as possible. Both small and large businesses are vulnerable, and a security breach can completely ruin a company.
    - Craig Petronella
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