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    Creative Care Reaches New Patients With Dual Diagnosis Services

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    Dual diagnosis, or treating both addiction and the underlying causes of addiction such as mental health issues, has been shown to be more effective than simple behavior modification. Creative Care in Malibu, California, is pioneering the use of dual diagnosis to successfully treat addiction.

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    Addiction behaviors are complex. Whether a patient is addicted to alcohol, drugs or any other substance, it is not simply because the person "likes" the drug of choice. Often there are underlying causes such as mental health issues that prevent the addict from recovering. When a patient is suffering from both a mental health issue and an addiction issue, it is often very difficult for that person to benefit from traditional rehab services.  However, using dual diagnosis, as seen at http://www.creativecareinc.com/dual-diagnosis/, Creative Care in Malibu, California, is seeing success in helping people overcome addiction.

    Using dual diagnosis as part of the cure as seen at http://www.creativecareinc.com/, this Malibu addiction treatment facility addresses every aspect of addictive behavior, including both mental health issues and addiction problems. With the help of licensed professionals, this program explores the root causes of addiction such as abuse, trauma, bipolar disorder and depression. When these issues are uncovered and treated, true healing can begin.  Patients are encouraged to explore and confront all issues that may be leading to addictive behavior so that they can successfully change that behavior and return to addiction-free life.

    Creative Care is one of the first treatment centers to use dual diagnosis for addiction as seen at http://www.creativecareinc.com/our-program/. With these forward-thinking treatment options, patients and family members can look forward to a lifetime free of addiction and full of happiness.

    About Creative Care: Unlike many addiction treatment centers that only focus on the addictive behavior, Creative Care believes that there is an underlying reason for addiction and focuses on dual diagnosis methods to uncover the root problems. When treatment focuses on PTSD, bipolar or depressive disorders, it is very likely that the patient will be better equipped to recover and control the addictive behavior in the future. With the help of dual diagnosis and practical applications, patients recover at a higher rate than with traditional addiction treatment.

    For More Information:

    Ann Premazon Creative Care 5941 Trancas Canyon Road Malibu, CA 90265 (800) 832-3280 [email protected] http://www.creativecareinc.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5fh-g9vLkg

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