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    DailyNu Introduces Supplements for Variety of Health Conditions

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    DailyNu is an e-Commerce based supplier of vitamins and nutritional supplements. The company now offers several types of supplements for weight management and other health issues through its web-based distribution.

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    Vitamin and nutritional supplements have long provided health benefits to people whose diets lack necessary vegetables and to people who are unable to consume certain foods such as dairy products. With the advent of web-based businesses, vitamin distributors such as DailyNu are able to quickly provide customers a vast array of health-related products. DailyNu has recently added its weight-management product line to its online store.

    DailyNu already offers many of the best known prenatal vitamins as seen at http://dailynu.com/en/prenatal-multivitamins. Among the products the company offers is Completia Prenatal Multivitamin which is a prenatal multivitamin with DHA & Folic Acid, and 21st Century Healthcare's prenatal supplements which offer benefits to women before, during and after pregnancy. Weight management related supplements are also of assistance with pregnancy-related weight gain.

    DailyNu's fish oil supplements as seen at http://dailynu.com/en/health-solutions reduce the risk of heart disease in some people. Some of the fish oil based products such as Naturade-Flexade also alleviate joint pain. The company's website sells over a dozen versions of fish oil related supplements from several manufacturers. The specific products offered on DailyNu's website range in basic fish oil to supplements with much more specific product 0concentration such as shark liver and krill. The supplements are odorless and contain no mercury.

    Among the dietary supplements on DailyNu's website  are the Omega 3 supplements as seen at http://dailynu.com/en/vitamins-supplements which may increase beneficial HDL cholesterol. Omega 3 fatty acids available on the site may also prevent blood from clotting. A number of other studies suggest that these fatty acids help lower high blood pressure. These supplements can be used along with weight-management related tablets, as obesity and high-blood pressure are often though not always present in the same person.

    About DailyNu:  DailyNu is an ideal place to find great prices on all types of vitamins, supplements and health supplies.  For low prices on the best health food, supplements and other products, DailyNu provides the web's easiest shopping experience.

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    Lauren Acosta.


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