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    Dr. Donald Hillock Offers Single Visit Crowns for Modesto, CA Dental Patients

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    Hillock Family Dental offers latest technology to provide same-day crowns for patients

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    Patients of Hillock Family Dental in Modesto, CA now have access to some of the latest technology that offers same day crowns and restorations, saving them time and several office visits by creating porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays in just one sitting. Using CEREC technology, which stands for Ceramic Reconstruction, Dr. Donald Hillock and Dr. Orianna Sarkissian design, create, and complete dental restorations for patients in just one visit.

    Traditionally, patients who need crowns or other porcelain restorations for their teeth require at least 2-3 office visits over the course of several weeks. During the first visits, molds or impressions are taken of the patient’s teeth and the teeth are prepared with temporary restorations while the molds are sent to an external lab to have the permanent restorations designed. The patient then must return 1-2 weeks later to have the completed restorations fitted and cemented, however, if the fit isn’t ideal, the process must begin again. CEREC technology takes the time and hassle out of the traditional restoration process by offering technology that lets Dr. Hillock and Dr. Sarkissian design, mill, and place the restoration during a 2-3 hour period that the patient is at the office.

    CEREC uses advanced 3D imaging technology to create digital impressions of the patient’s teeth that require porcelain restorations, eliminating the need for bulky impression material that often causes patients to choke or gag. These digital impressions are then used by the CEREC unit to mill the design out of a small porcelain block using high powered water and lasers. While the porcelain restoration is being milled, the patient’s tooth is prepped for having the crown cemented. Once the restoration is complete, it is fitted over the patient’s tooth and any adjustments can be made during the same visit.

    The advantages CEREC offers patients are numerous in addition to simply saving them from having to make multiple office visits. Beyond saving time, patients also don’t have to deal with wearing temporary crowns. In most cases, crowns created with CEREC technology are about the same cost as traditional crowns made in an external lab. Dr. Hillock and Dr. Sarkissian utilize CEREC technology to create veneers, white fillings, inlays, and onlays in addition to porcelain crowns, so patients can receive all of their needed porcelain restorations quickly and efficiently.

    About Hillock Family Dental

    Dr. Hillock has been practicing in Modesto, CA for nearly three decades and has been involved in the dental profession for almost 40 years. He is one of the most experienced dental professionals in the Modesto area. At Hillock Family Dental, Dr. Hillock works alongside Dr. Orianna Sarkissian, a graduate of Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry.

    To learn more about Dr. Donald Hillock, Dr. Sarkissian, and the CEREC technology they use to provide same-day crowns for their patients in Modesto, CA please visit www.hillockdental.com.

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