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    Dr. Gary Joh Offers Patients Quick, Permanent Smiles with Mini Dental Implants

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    Dr. Gary Joh of Comfort Dentistry in Clinton Township is helping patients with mini dental implant technology in just about two hours.

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    Dr. Gary Joh of Comfort Dentistry in Clinton Township is helping patients who have missing permanent teeth or who currently rely on removable dentures due to missing teeth find a permanent solution for having the smile of their dreams with a quick and painless procedure. With mini dental implant technology, Dr. Joh is able to provide patients with a brand new, transformed smile in one office visit that takes just about two hours.

    Mini dental implants present multiple advantages for patients compared to conventional dental implants, two of which are the treatment time and the comparative costs. Due to the design of mini dental implants, they do not require the level of surgical invasiveness or recovery time as traditional implants, and are also significantly less expensive because of it. They also allow patients who may not be candidates for traditional implants due to low bone density to still receive permanent smiles.

    Mini dental implants have the same basic design as conventional dental implants, however, are about half the size in diameter. As a result, much less bone density is required to support them and they can also be inserted directly through the gum into the jawbone without the need for a surgical incision. The miniature titanium implants act like the root of the tooth, with a ball-shaped head that is used to snap dentures into a fixed position. Typically, a series of 2-6 of these mini dental implants are inserted on the top and bottom arches of the teeth which allows the dentures to rest gently on the gum tissue, the main support coming from the implants.

    With mini dental implants and fixed dentures, patients are able to enjoy speaking, chewing, and smiling just as they did with permanent teeth. Mini dental implants are designed to withhold all of the natural forces of chewing and allow patients to eat whatever they wish with no restrictions. Most of all, mini dental implants eliminate the hassle, pain, and embarrassment that can come with removable dentures and gives patients the chance to love their smiles once again.

    Dr. Gary Joh has more than 25 years of experience in the dental industry and is considered one of the most skilled dental professionals in the Clinton Township area. Throughout his many years in practice, Dr. Joh has participated in numerous continuing education courses to become skilled in a number of dental sub-specialties like dental implants, as well as preventive orthodontics, non-surgical bone treatment, and gum treatment. He is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest tools and technology in the industry in order to always provide his patients with the highest level of care.

    For more information about Dr. Gary Joh and mini dental implants he offers for Clinton Township patients at Comfort Dentistry, please visit www.drjoh.com.

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    “We’ve had tremendous success with changing many of our patients’ lives using mini dental implants. With this procedure we’re able to give patients a new lease on life with a permanent smile that wouldn’t have been attainable in this way with any other procedure. Our patients love how quick the procedure is and how they virtually don’t feel any pain during or after the procedure.”
    - Dr. Gary Joh
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