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    Dr. Gary Waite, Dentist in Wilmington, DE Offers Latest Technology for Those with Missing Permanent Teeth

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    Patients of Dr. Gary Waite with missing teeth can find a permanent solution with dental implants

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    Dr. Gary Waite and his staff are helping patients in Wilmington achieve lasting, confident smiles even after the loss of permanent teeth with the use of dental implants, some of the latest technology offered in the dental industry. With dental implants, patients are able to enjoy full function of their teeth again as well as gain their confidence back with their smiles.

    When patients lose one or more of their permanent teeth due to injury, decay, or other health problems, it can not only cause aesthetic issues with their smile, but can affect how they speak, bite, chew, and the alignment of their other teeth. Additionally, over time, missing permanent teeth can have a lasting impact on the surrounding gum and bone tissues, since they tend to shrink and resorb in the area of the void of the tooth and can lead to additional tooth loss as well. Dental implant technology is the only solution that offers full restoration for the patient’s missing tooth. Unlike other restorative options like bridges or dentures, dental implants actually help keep the surrounding bone and gum tissues viable and are just as sturdy as natural teeth.

    Dental implants are small metal screws, typically made of hypoallergenic titanium, that are surgically implanted into the jawbone where the missing tooth once was. This metal screw acts as an anchor for a porcelain crown that is later attached, and replaces the function of a natural tooth root that used to take its place. When placed correctly, dental implants can often last a lifetime and are just as strong as natural teeth. With dental implants, patients have no food or chewing restrictions and can brush and floss their dental implant just like a normal tooth.

    Whether patients have a single missing tooth, a few missing teeth, or are currently missing all of their teeth and relying on removable dentures, dental implants can be a great solution for providing them with a permanent smile. They can also be used to anchor dentures to the top and bottom arches of the mouth so patients no longer have to rely on adhesive pastes or strips for the dentures.

    The process for receiving dental implants always starts with a consultation to determine if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. Dr. Waite offers consultations for all Wilmington, DE patients who are interested in the permanent solution dental implants offer for their smile.

    About Dr. Gary Waite

    Dr. Waite has nearly 40 years of experience as a practicing dentist. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and has been serving patients in Wilmington, DE for two decades.

    To learn more about Dr. Waite and the permanent dental implants he offers for patients in Wilmington, please visit www.drgarywaite.com.

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