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    Dr. Leena Lakhkar Offers Invisalign® for Patients Seeking Orthodontic Options

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    New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Leena Lakhkar is proud to offer Invisalign® orthodontic solutions for patients following an initial consultation at her practice.

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    New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Leena Lakhkar is proud to offer Invisalign® orthodontic solutions for patients following an initial consultation at her practice. Dr. Lakhkar provides Invisalign as a modern, advanced alternative to traditional metal orthodontics for straightening teeth. This solution involves the application of a series of periodic spacers, or aligners, which straighten and correct tooth placement over time. Once each phase is complete, a new set of aligners is applied and the teeth are adjusted in a prescribed course of treatment until optimal placement is achieved, often in far less time than is required with traditional metal braces, which are permanently applied, and without the unsightly metal brackets, wires and bands that braces entail. This makes Invisalign the ideal, invisible way to straighten the teeth without braces, for adults and teenagers.

    In clinical research, the Invisalign system has proven more effective for orthodontic practices and patients around the country. The process is simple, requiring an initial visit following consultation where the doctor will measure the patient’s mouth, bite and tooth placement via advanced digital imaging. The aligners are then created by lab technicians to adhere to a prescribed course of straightening, with each new set of aligners being applied about every two weeks, depending on the patient. The 3-D imaging technology and expert staff combine to create an easy, effective and efficient treatment course for each patient to achieve the optimal results in each specific case. During treatment, aligners are removed each time the wearer eats, drinks, brushes and flosses. Little by little, the aligners straighten and correct tooth placement until the final position is reached, to the patient and doctor’s satisfaction.

    Clients visit the dentist once every 6 weeks to ensure that treatment is progressing as planned. Normally, Invisalign treatment takes 9 to 15 months on average, with the typical number of aligner sets needed between 18 and 30. These vary from case to case. Dr. Lakhkar’s New York cosmetic dental practice also serves the community with a wide selection of general dentistry and advanced procedures, from routine cleanings and fillings, measurement and application of bruxism devices, tooth whitening with the highly advanced BriteSmile solution, and much more. Dr. Lakhkar is an International Academy of Facial and Dental Esthetics fellow, who graduated from the Las Vegas Institute, and has been recognized as a Consumer Reports best dentist. To learn more about Dr. Leena Lakhkar and Invisalign for New York dental patients, visit her online at http://www.drlakhkar.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akOwHdpjj3g&list=UUtUiiE2WBRZXGjMAXPsizrQ.

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