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    Dr. Ron Buro Introduces One-Visit Permanent Smiles for Denture Patients

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    Leesburg dental implants dentist Dr. Ron Buro is helping denture patients achieve painless, permanent smiles in just one office visit using mini dental implants.

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    Leesburg dental implants dentist Dr. Ron Buro is helping denture patients achieve painless, permanent smiles in just one office visit using some of the latest technology available in the dental industry. Using mini dental implants, Dr. Buro can give patients a new, confident smile in as little as two hours.

    Mini dental implants have become one of the most in-demand restorative treatments in the industry as their size and affordability offer numerous benefits to patients. They are used to essentially permanently fix upper and lower dentures to the patient’s jawbone, eliminating the problem of loose or ill-fitted dentures as well as the need for adhesives.

    Because mini dental implants are about half the size in diameter than a regular dental implant, they do not require surgical procedures for placement and also require much less available jaw bone density. This makes them a more viable solution for patients who have been relying on removable dentures for an extended amount of time and who have low bone density because of it. These factors also make mini implants much more affordable than regular dental implants as well.

    Mini dental implants essentially replace the function of natural tooth roots in the mouth. Typically a series of 4-6 mini implants are placed in the upper and lower arches of the mouth. Because of their small size, mini implants can be inserted directly through the gums into the jawbone with no surgical incision. These implants are then immediately fixed to full dentures and the patient can leave the office in as little as two hours with a fully functional, permanent smile.

    With mini dental implants and permanent dentures, patients no longer have to limit their diet or chewing ability due to dentures. They can also speak, smile, and live confidently knowing that their smile will stay exactly where it should be.

    Dr. Ron Buro has been practicing dentistry for more than 40 years and has been named as a top dental practitioner on several occasions by local Washington D.C. publications.

    To learn more about Dr. Ron Buro and the mini dental implants he offers for denture patients at Family First Dental & Implant Center in Leesburg, VA please visit http://www.leesburgsmiles.com.

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    “This procedure has transformed the lives of thousands of patients who thought they may never be able to enjoy a permanent smile again in their lifetime. What’s so amazing about it is that it doesn’t even require major surgery or recovery time. It really is the best option available in the industry right now for denture patients who want to enjoy life once again with a permanent, confident smile”
    - Dr. Ron Buro
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