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    DUI Lawyers Now Proudly Serving Montgomery County, PA

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    The Dram DUI Lawyers are now proudly serving those who have been arrested for drunk driving in Montgomery County, PA.

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    Being arrested for driving under the influence is no small thing and can have serious consequences. But the fact that a driver has been arrested for a DUI does not necessarily mean that there will be a DUI conviction. Additionally, a DUI conviction does not always have to result in the maximum fines and penalties.

    The Dram DUI Lawyers have been helping those who have been arrested for drunk driving for years and are pleased to now be working with clients in Montgomery County, PA. In some cases, they recognize that the person has been falsely arrested and are able to challenge the arrest, as well as obtain an expungement of their criminal record.  For others, the team is able to negotiate with prosecutors to obtain a plea bargain in their favor, reduce the penalties, and even find Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Programs to attend.

    The team understands that an arrest or conviction could have serious consequences for both the client’s personal and professional life. A criminal record could potentially result in the loss of a license, job, and can even result in familial discontent. That is why it is important to immediately contact an attorney after being accused of driving under the influence.

    False arrests for drunk driving can and do happen. In fact, one man recently announced that he was filing a lawsuit against the police for having been arrested for drunk driving simply because the officer told him that he could tell he was driving under the influence just by looking in his eyes. Yet after his arrest at the station, when the officer administered a breathalyzer, the results came in 0.00 showing that he had no alcohol in his system. Despite this, a drug recognition officer was called in to evaluate him. At the end of this evaluation, the officer told him he never would have arrested him, he showed no signs of impairment. After all of this, the man still had his car impounded and was mailed a letter stating that his license had been suspended.

    Thankfully, attorneys exist who are prepared to fight for the rights of those who have been arrested under similar circumstances.

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