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    East Hamilton Dental To Offer A Professional Free Teeth Whitening Kit

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    East Hamilton Dental to offer a professional free teeth whitening kit as a reward for Facebook Likes and Ratings in the coming weeks.

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    East Hamilton Dental has confirmed that it will be offering a free professional teeth whitening kit every week to one lucky customer who takes time to Like and Rate the dental service provider on its Facebook page. A statement released by the dental office noted that the reward program is designed to foster better engagement between its team and customers on social media platforms. The statement continues to note that a winner for the professional teeth whitening kit will be picked every week. East Hamilton Dental is one of the major and most trusted dental offices in Chattanooga. The new promotion is set to help the provider maintain its strong presence in the Chattanooga’s dental services space in the coming years.

    Social media is by far one of the best and convenient platforms for dental offices to connect with a bigger share of their regular and new patients. East Hamilton Dental notes that the reward scheme for Facebook Likes and Ratings is a good show of its strong determination to develop stronger and long term relationships with its patients. “The promotion is very simple and the benefits offered by the free professional teeth whitening kit are definitely worth the go” the office adds. East Hamilton Dental is expected to run the promo in the next few months in order to allow ample time for different patients to take advantage of it.

    According to many observers it isn’t easy to come by a dental office ready to offer free services valued at a whopping $300. The free teeth whitening kit East Hamilton Dental is offering will surely attract a lot of potential patients yet even so, the Dental office maintains that the main reason why it is running the promo is to encourage clients to connect with its team and services on a deeper level through Facebook. The dental agency has invited interested persons to Like its Facebook Page and also submit a Rating to get in the draw for a free teeth whitening kit this week.

    Trust in the private dental practice is arguably the most important thing. According to East Hamilton Dental, dental services are very delicate and a lot of people prefer to work with a dentist whom they trust completely. In light of this, the dental office in Chattanooga is looking at the new social media promotion as a very good foundation to cement the high levels of trust customers have instilled on its team of professional dentists. Additionally, the highly sought Chattanooga dental office is confident that the promotion will help it open up its highly professional dental services to more patients in and around Chattanooga. For more details on how to take advantage of the promo or the services offered by East Hamilton Dental please feel free to visit www.easthamiltondental.com today.

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