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    Eparé Offers 10% Off on their Newly Released Battery Operated Wine Aerator

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    The Eparé battery operated wine aerator is the first of its kind, with a push of a button, the aerating motor creates tiny air bubbles, oxidizing wine and freeing its tertiary aroma.

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    Eparé® has recently announces the release of its newest product, the Eparé® Battery Operated Wine Aerator. To introduce this revolutionary product Eparé® is offering a 10% off promotional code to their online shoppers, the promotional code is 995OAEP6 and is applicable for an Eparé® Aerator purchase on Amazon.com.

    Aerating or decanting wine enhances the flavor and finish of wine by releasing its natural bouquet. The heightened aroma enriches each glass' flavor, making the wine experience complete. Traditional decanters require waiting an hour or more for wine to release its natural flavor and require aeration a full decanter at a time. For now the best alternative to traditional decanters have been fountain style spout aerators, but they are not the perfect solution. Spout aerators are messy and often don't provide enough aeration with one pass through, requiring re-pouring ofwine.

    The Eparé® Wine Aerator is the prefect replacement to traditional decanter and spout aerators. With a push of a button, the aerating motor creates tiny air bubbles, oxidizing the wine and freeing its tertiary aroma. This is the first ever aerator that can easily aerate wine to a desired degree. Aerate wine by the bottle or even by the glass. The motor runs for intervals of 30 seconds making timing the aeration process very easy, a typical bottle requires two minutes of aeration and a glass is perfect in 30 seconds or less.

    This one of a kind aerator is packaged in an elegant gift box, and comes supplied with two rod attachments (one bottle sized and one glass) and a vase-like storage stand. Also there is no need to worry about malfunctions with the motor as all Eparé® products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

    For more information on the Epare Wine Aerator, and to purchase this new style of aerator, follow this link: Eparé Wine Aerator

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    "Instantly perfect wine... This is a really unique and effective aerator"
    - Mandy Payne (Amazon Top 10 Reviewer)
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