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    Father and Daughter Succeed in Funding “Made in California Organic Shirt Project”

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    Surfers, Stand Up Paddlers and other ocean lovers helped successfully fund a small boutique clothing brand in San Diego on Kickstarter. The new clothing company is intent on healing and protecting the ocean by making Eco-friendly and Ocean Friendly clothing in California from organic cotton grown there.

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    When the father and daughter duo of PuraKai Clothing noticed that most of the clothing manufactured by outdoor and surf clothing companies was actually made from fibers that had a negative effect on the outdoors and the ocean they decided to take action and the Made in USA California Organic Cotton Shirt Project was launched. Today, with two days left, the Father and daughter duo of Noel and Megan Huelsenbeck have successfully funded their 20 day Kickstarter Project. Noel says "We are very happy family, friends, surfers, stand up paddlers and other ocean lovers have supported us and helped successfully fund this project. In the coming months we will  reward their support by creating the only clothing in the world Made in California from organic cotton grown in California." Said Megan "We're excited to take the next step. Right now our men's and women's organic cotton clothing is made from GOTS certified organic cotton grown in India, but who knows, if this project succeeds maybe one day we'll be able to make all of our clothing from California grown organic cotton" To learn more about the project check out: The Made in USA California Organic Cotton Shirt Project on Kickstarter. About PuraKai Clothing: PuraKai is a Socially Responsible manufacturer of 100% Made in USA Eco-friendly clothing. The business was co-founded by a father who is a lifelong surfer and his daughter who has a passion for stylish clothing. PuraKai is a member of 1% for the Planet and supports the Billion Baby Turtles project and the San Diego Coastkeepers.

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    "We worked for over a year to make the most Amazingly Comfortable clothing that had the least negative impact on the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. We're thankful many people see the benefit of creating clothing Made in the USA from organic cotton grown in the USA"
    - Noel Huelsebeck
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