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    Firefighter Adam Luther Back on the Scene after Debilitating Back Pain

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    City of Victoria Texas Firefighter Adam Luther who had suffered from intense and
    debilitating back pain for years finally finds the cure from Houston Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis. In spite of many prior treatments Mr. Luther was barely able to move but after disc replacement surgery is back to work with no restrictions thanks to Dr. Francis.

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    Fire Fighters, one of the country's most important First Responders, frequently get injured on the job. Many are unable to find complete relief from ongoing physical discomfort due to their continual efforts to do whatever it takes to save lives and protect property.... often continuing to work in spite of ongoing pain.

    According to the National Fire Protection Association Report issued November 2014 on "Firefighter Injuries in the United States", the majority of injuries firefighters incur are as follows;

    NFPA estimates that 65,880 firefighter injuries occurred in the line of duty in 2013. • An estimated 29,760 (45.2%) of the all firefighter injuries occurred during fireground operations. • An estimated 11,800 occurred during other on duty activities, while 12,535 occurred at nonfire emergency incidents. • The leading type of injury received during fireground operations was strain, sprain or muscular pain (55.3%), followed by wound, cut, bleeding, bruise (13.8%). • The leading causes of fireground injuries were overexertion, strain (26.5%) and fall, slip or jump (22.7%).

    Due to the extreme conditions firefighters work under, it’s logical that being in top physical condition and having the best medical care when injuries do occur is absolutely essential. Let’s look at the case of Adam Luther, a firefighter with the City of Victoria Texas who suffered from ongoing pain for years before finally getting the help needed to become completely healthy again. Mr. Luther started having severe back pain and difficulty in 2011 and 2012 which became increasingly worse.

    Luther suffered from lower back pain in the L5/S1 area that also shot down the legs causing additional pain and sometimes numbness. This extreme pain was often unbearable and completely debilitating. Luther’s pain and discomfort affected almost all regular daily physical activities, even interactions with friends, family and acquaintances. For Mr. Luther, every move made had to be deliberate and intentional to the point that consciously thinking before standing up, taking a step walking forward or before bending down was necessary. Luther could no longer play softball or golf, do cross fit activities, jogging or weight lifting exercises as these would all cause excruciating body pain. Luther eventually heard about Houston Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis through a co-worker whose family member had been treated by Dr. Francis.

    Prior to the disc replacement surgery performed by Dr. Francis, Mr. Luther had several epidurals, intramuscular analgesic injections, pain medication prescriptions and saw several physical therapists for treatment. All would only mask the symptoms and eventually Luther was repeatedly experiencing the same issues. Feeling like being at the end of the rope, Luther almost began accepting it as fact that back pain would be a constant part of everyday life. The idea of the active life accustomed to and the possibility of a career in jeopardy due to an inability to pass strenuous physical fitness requirements was simply unacceptable. Although Luther received another spine doctor’s recommendation for a spinal fusion of several disks to alleviate the back pain, Dr. Francis’ recommended of an artificial disk replacement and a very successful surgery performed at Spine Associates turned out to be the correct choice.

    Dr. Francis, whose Mission is to give each adult and child the best of himself, every time and whose Vision is to always be the benchmark for excellence in spine surgery and always provide cutting edge technologies and treatments that change lives and restore function also has a Passion to Serve Others Who Also Serve.

    Houston Spine Surgeon, Dr. Richard Francis, founder of Spine Associates has offices in Houston and Beaumont, Texas is always willing, ready and able to serve all Fire Fighters and other First Responders in all areas of and surrounding Houston and Beaumont Texas. For further information call 713-383-7100 in Houston or 409-767-8221 in Beaumont or visit the website at http://www.myspineassociates.com/

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    “Satisfied is not the right word. I am ecstatic with the care I received from Dr. R. Francis and the folks at Spine Associates. I literally feel 10 years younger. Within 6 weeks I was back to work with no restrictions. I can pick up my 18 month old daughter out of her crib and play with her like her father should be able to. I am also playing softball, golf and exercising for fun again.”
    - Mr. Adam Luther
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