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    Flameless LED Candles A Must Have For Recreational Vehicle Owners

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    From insurance companies to resorts and campgrounds, the use of traditional candles in recreational vehicles (RV) and boats is being banned across the country.

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    Everyone loves the glow of candles, but there are places where candles just should not be used. Recreational vehicles (RVs) are one of those locations. Over several years, lit candles were blamed for RV fires across the country.

    In 2012, Washington State fire officials saw three fatal fires in RVs that they could say were caused by lit candles -- this accounts for just one or two percent of the annual total, but any number of fatalities is too much. The next year, in Valley Springs, Calif., a lit candle was blamed for the destruction of a 24-foot motor home that served as the owner's home. A family in Cape Coral, FL, using a fragrance candle inside a recreational vehicle, lost that RV when the candle caught the center of the RV on fire. There is a better option -- a battery operated flameless LED tea candle.

    Whether individuals use traditional candles for air freshening, for light, or for the flickering glow, lit candles raise the risk of an accidental fire. For individuals who can't go without their candles, or including them as part of an emergency kit, there's a safer option than traditional burning candles -- the flameless LED candles offered by Frux Home and Yard. These small tealight candles are perfect for locations where traditional candles are forbidden.

    "We want individuals to be able to enjoy time in their recreational vehicles without the risk of an ill-placed candle causing a potentially-fatal fire. Our battery-operated flameless LED tealight candles are perfect for that purpose," said Mike McDonald, a representative of Frux Home and Yard.

    Some RV parks don't allow the use of candles on their premises -- for example Roughlock RV Park and Cabins, Rusty Lillie lodge and the Runnin' Iron Inn in Monticello, Utah, forbid the use of candles or open flame within the Lodge and Inn due to limits on their own insurance. When heading to a location that has that sort of restriction, travelers can pack a box of flameless LED tealights so there's another option if the park loses power, or if they simply want a candle's flickering glow.

    Frux Home and Yard sells their flameless LED tea lights in packages of 24, exclusively through amazon.com. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee. The battery-operated tea lights run on button cell lithium ion batteries, which are included in the purchase price.

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    "We want individuals to be able to enjoy time in their recreational vehicles without the risk of an ill-placed candle causing a potentially fatal fire. Our battery operated flameless tealight candles are perfect for that purpose."
    - Mike McDonald
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