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    Full Contact K9 Introduces Three-Tiered Dog Obedience Training Program in Atlanta

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    Full Contact K9, the leading dog obedience and security training company in Atlanta, now offer three tiers of obedience training. Each tier uses classical techniques and positive reinforcement to teach cumulative obedience skills.

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    Every new dog owner dreams of a perfectly behaved pet who readily obeys his owner's commands and doesn't bother the neighbors with jumping or barking. Anyone who has ever owned a dog, also know that puppies aren't born obedient, they require love and training. While some dog owners attempt to train their dogs on their own, most enlist the services of expert dog obedience trainers and enroll their puppies in obedience classes. But, while some owners want their dogs to learn only basic obedience skills, other owners want greater control over their pets and are looking for advanced obedience training.

    Full Contact K9 of Atlanta GA recognized the need for multiple tiers of dog obedience training and has created a three-level series of dob obedience courses starting at Basic, and progressing to Intermediate and Advanced Obedience. Each tier builds on the skills acquired in the previous level of training and upon completion of the Advanced course, owners will have complete off-lease controls of their dogs.

    The Basic Obedience Course teaches core skills such as stopping, lying down, sitting, recall, heeling, waiting at the door and politely greeting guests.

    The Intermediate Obedience Course builds on these skills and introduces hand signals (to replace verbal signals), and combines skills from the Basic course such as Recall - Sit where the dog is expected to come when called and automatically sit.  At the Intermediate Level dog also learn to stay when the owner is absent for brief periods of time.

    The Advanced Obedience Course focuses on completing all of the previous skills without the use of a leash. It also includes longer handler absences and a variety of distractions such as other dogs, children, crowds and noisy public spaces.

    This three-tiered program was developed by Atlanta dog training expert Evan Dunbar and is exclusively offered at Full Contact K9.  The company offer complimentary evaluations for any dog. Questions about the Obedience Training Series should be directed to Evan Dunbar at (678) 235-5959.

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    We take pride in our work and those who put trust in us, and exert every effort to ensure satisfaction. A passion for dogs, our clients, and their canines gives us purpose. At Full Contact K-9, 'total commitment, unleashed potential,' is what we’re all about.
    - Evan Dunbar
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    Evan Dunbar

    (678) 235-5959


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