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    Galeos Predicts Organic Dressings Will be New Trend

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    Galeos is predicting that healthy organic dressings are going to be the new trend. As foodies increasingly ask for
    healthier options, this company is predicting that soon consumers will be demanding healthy organic dressings as

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    Galeos offers the right type of dressing, marinade and dip for today’s discerning gourmets. With so much attention paid to natural, fresh ingredients, cooks will love the fact that Galeos uses only the freshest organic ingredients, starting with Miso, a fermented soybean paste. To this are added toasted sesame seeds, natural and unprocessed honey, rice vinegar, pure sesame seeds oil and other great ingredients to create the entire line of Galeos dressings and sauces.
    Because healthy eating is such a focus in today’s society, Galeos has committed to ensuring its products meet the highest of standards to be included in a healthy diet.
    Galeos promises that its products are free of MSG, gluten and GMOs. This means that those using Galeos products know that they will never ingest unwanted chemicals,
    pesticides or other ingredients so prevalent in many of today’s convenience foods. Short of making dressing from original ingredients, Galeos is the simplest way to ensure freshness and quality.
    Galeos offers a variety of flavors to suit every palate. These flavors include:
    · Miso Southwest. With a hint of sriracha peppers, this spicy combination is sure to add a kick to salads or to provide a great marinade for chicken, fish or steaks. Try it in vegetarian dishes such as enchiladas or tacos to add a fiery touch to Tex Mex or Southwestern cuisine.
    · Miso Sesame. With toasted sesame seeds, the subtle flavor of Miso Sesame works well to spice up bland dishes such as pasta or rice. Try Miso Sesame as a dip all on its own for vegetables or marinade a great tuna steak or other fish dish in its subtle goodness.
    · Miso Caesar. In a twist on the classic Caesar dressing, Miso Caesar adds the punch of Miso to the flavorful, creamy goodness and texture of this great accompaniment to salads, dips and cooked dishes. Try it over vegetables or as the base for a creamy sauce for chicken.
    · Miso Dijonnaise. With a hint of natural Dijon mustard, this sauce is sure to please the most discerning palate. The kick of Dijon combined with the natural spiciness of Miso make this dressing a great addition to salads as well as a dip for vegetables. It can also be used as a sauce for fish or other bland foods to give flavor and spice or as a spread for sandwiches
    · Miso Ginger Wasabi. This Oriental-inspire infusion of Miso with the heat of wasabi and the coolness of ginger make it a perfect sauce for sushi, vegetables or any Asian cuisine.
    Chefs who want to combine great taste with pure ingredients will find that Galeos dressings add the perfect touch to a variety of dishes in a range of cuisines. Galeos is predicting that the change towards healthy eating is going to grow and soon, this will include a demand for organic healthy dressings like Galeos offers. Consumers eager to
    embrace this trend are encouraged to shop now.
    About Galeos: Galeos is a company dedicated to providing pure organic ingredients in its products. No MSG, gluten or GMOs are ever used in the production of Galeos dressings and dips. Galeos is dedicated to the production of dressings made from pure, fresh ingredients and combined with the greatest flavors possible. All Galeos dressings, marinades, and dips are made in their own state of the art plant in Orange County, CA.
    For More Information: http://www.galeoscafe.com
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