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    Galvagnized Announces Branding Principles Course

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    Brand and Interactive Agency – Galvagnized – has announced a Core Branding Principles course, the latest in a series of specialized classes known as “Galvagnize Your Brand™.” The content is designed to help businesses explore fundamental brand strategies aimed to ignite the aspirations and emotions of their target audience.

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    Sandra Galvagny, CEO of Brand and Interactive Agency – Galvagnized – has announced the date and location of “Galvagnize Your Brand™.” She will be leading the course this August 18 at CEO Space International, taking place at the Westin Lake Las Vegas. Attendees will explore valuable brand strategies that are critical for today’s business owners and entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide companies with tools to stand out from the crowd and naturally attract the right customers.

    This interactive class takes a deep dive into key elements that every organization must recognize in order to strengthen their brand identity and presence. Sandra Galvagny believes that “With attention spans shrinking and the global marketing place expanding, brands are challenged to communicate concise, original, eye-popping messages that stand out.”

    Galvagnized provides end-to-end solutions for enterprises that are looking to expand their branding and marketing potential. The company offers a variety of services ranging from brand vision and strategy to design and technology. As a forward thinking agency, Galvagnized has embraced technological advancements as a way of the future and a foundation to help other companies stand out in a crowded marketplace. Their latest course is yet another option for businesses to build and improve their brand for success.

    Sandra Galvagny has more than 12 years of experience in the branding and digital industry, working with iconic brands and entrepreneurs as a creative source to their successes. She is recognized as a thought leader in brand innovation, strategic solutions, and visual communication, as well as a key speaker and instructor. Her work and contributions have been featured in the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and other major media sources.

    “Galvagnize Your Brand™” is currently being offered at CEO Space International, making it easily accessible to a number of interested business owners. Those businesses looking for ways to enhance the branding potential of their organization and launch new products can find more information on the company website Galvagnize.com.

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    Branding is about igniting the aspirations and emotions of your target audience
    - Sandra Galvagny
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