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    Gas Fireplaces Detroit, Wood Stoves Dealer Publishes Gas Fireplace Guide

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    Detroit Wood Stoves, Gas Fireplaces Dealer Detroit, Allstate Home Leisure Shares Helpful Fireplace Information for Homeowners

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    Allstate Home Leisure, a 4-store retailer selling gas fireplaces, wood stoves, hot tubs, pool tables, billiard tables and game rooms in the greater Detroit area publishes “Gas Fireplace Guide for Homeowners.”

    “A cozy, warm fireplace transforms any space into a peaceful, relaxing retreat. With dancing flames and unparalleled warmth, the right fireplace makes a home instantly memorable,” said Roy Farmer, President of Allstate Home Leisure.

    “But homeowners looking to complement space with a fireplace often have concerns about safety, expensive modifications and more. The good news is, there are many options available – styles, models, even fuel sources to choose from,” continued Farmer. However, there are significant benefits to choosing gas. Here are three reasons why a gas fireplace is a good choice for homeowners.

    Conserve Energy, Save Money - To most modern families, cutting costs is priority one and strategies for reducing energy use are always welcome. Particularly for large homes with spacious rooms, traditional central heating can be expensive, even wasteful. A gas fireplace offers the opportunity to heat those areas in the home that are used most frequently, promoting “zone” style heating, where warmth can be enjoyed in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

    Keeping a thermostat low and using a gas fireplace to supplement heat in a favorite room is a smart, practical way to reduce fuel consumption, conserve energy and realize significant cost savings.

    Control Warmth and Aesthetics Easily - For homes with or without a chimney, there are key benefits to choosing a gas fireplace over other types. With no expensive modifications needed, using gas as a fuel source makes it easy to create consistent, controlled heat.

    By contrast, electric units offer similar heat control, but lack the aesthetic appeal of dancing flames. Many gas fireplace units can be controlled with a remote thermostat, offering complete flexibility and control in terms of not only heat, but also, aesthetics.

    Ease, Convenience and Safety - Nothing is more enjoyable than a few relaxing hours in front of a warm, cozy fire with loved ones. But when it’s time to retire for the evening, traditional wood burning fires can be difficult to extinguish and safety precautions require someone to sit and attend to burning embers as they go out completely. Detroit gas fireplace models resolve this issue completely with a simple on and off switch – an easy, safe and uncomplicated way to put out the fire.

    When the mood strikes for a warm, blazing fire, a gas fireplace is ready in an instant – and when it’s time to leave the room, extinguishing a gorgeous gas fire is as easy flipping a switch on the wall.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a fireplace and why it’s a smart, practical investment that’s sure to bring out the smiles in everyone, just visit the company website at: www.HomeLeisure.com.

    About Us Allstate Home Leisure, is one of Michigan’s largest and most established home leisure retailer.  Founded in 1992, Gary Jordan quit his job at GM and opened a 3000-square-foot store in Redford, Michigan selling billiard tables and accessories.

    Today, just like when Allstate Home Leisure started, their mission is to provide their customers with the best service, selection and value while at the same time providing a piece of mind… “Satisfaction Guarantee.” They want to continue to grow professionally along with their communities for the behalf of their customers and employees throughout the Detroit area.

    Only the most innovative and best-in-market products are featured at the company’s four convenient locations.  A large selection of varied sizes, styles, prices and the ability to customize many of their products means that customers will always be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

    To learn more, just give them a call or visit their website at http://HomeLeisure.com.  In addition feel free to stop by one of their conveniently located showrooms in Novi, Ann Arbor, Livonia and Sterling Heights.

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    A cozy, warm fireplace transforms any space into a peaceful, relaxing retreat. With dancing flames and unparalleled warmth, the right fireplace makes a home instantly memorable.
    - Roy Farmer, President of Allstate Home Leisure
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