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    GrowCo Factoring & Financial Announces Dedicated Program for Non-Profits

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    GrowCo is now providing factoring services to non-profit organizations

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    Invoice Factoring company GrowCo Factoring & Financial has been helping small businesses and other companies to get the money they need to grow. They achieve this through invoice factoring. The practice involves companies with accounts receivable selling these accounts to GrowCo Factoring & Financial and GrowCo advances funds due so their clients can meet payroll, expand, or take advantage of any other opportunities. GrowCo Factoring & Financial collects the money from these companies and keeps the funds they distributed earlier, while forwarding any excess amounts back to their clients.

    The company has now introduced a streamlined process aimed specifically at non-profit organizations. The program, which is the first of its kind, offers these charitable groups the same opportunities for-profit ventures have been enjoying for years.

    Said President Brett Cenkus: "Most factoring companies don't like working with non-profits. Frankly, I’ve never understood why. With this program, we can purchase invoices (i.e., get cash to the invoice seller) in as little as 48 hours with reduced documentation. We are eager to develop more relationships with non-profits and to help them obtain the cash they need to grow."

    GrowCo Factoring & Financial prides itself on offering fast, professional service to help companies, including non-profits, get the funds they need. They strive to make each client’s experience a pleasant one while offering perks such as low rates and no long-term contracts. There are no minimum fees or volumes. They also offer 24/7 phone support and a fast, easy online application process. To learn more about GrowCo Factoring & Financial or to take advantage of their new program for non-profits, please visit www.fastinvoicefactoring.com or call 713.568.1334. Inquiries can also be directed to [email protected]

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