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    Holiday Bundles For Cell Phone Users Make Gift Giving Affordable And Easy

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    Batteries4less.com has bundled cell phone accessories, making holiday shopping easy and affordable this year. Holiday Bundles of accessories are now available for top brand cell phone models such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and iPhone, and can be purchased at https://www.batteries4less.com/.

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    Batteries4less.com has been an online retailer of cell phone batteries and accessories since 1998.  Over their 15 years in business, they have seen consumer trends grow more and more insightful and demanding. The holiday season is no exception.  According to Forbes Magazine, “Today’s shoppers are pickier and more informed than ever while gifts are more need-based and better researched, thanks to mobile technology.” But despite the rise of consumer sophistication, when it comes to shopping for cell phone batteries and accessories, buyers are still often left confused.  Most cell phones have a model number, a series, a series number, as well as other features that one needs to know to purchase the right battery or accessory for it.  Furthermore, each battery has a separate model number somewhere in the sea of text and numbers that cover the outside of it.  Then there are the accessories which often fit multiple different model and series numbers and they each have their own part number as well.  In essence, purchasing parts for a cell phone can be chaotic and frustrating. Add on top of this is the fact that not all cell phone batteries are created equally.  In fact, there is a huge discrepancy between batteries that is often hidden from the consumer.  Some are refurbished and therefore have a much reduced lifespan, and some may have reduced amounts of milliamp hours (which dictate how much time they last between charges). The National Foundation For Credit Counseling states that “86 percent of consumers intend to spend less than last year on the holidays.” So to accommodate their customer’s desire to spend less time wading through the sea of numbers and research as well as their demand to spend less money, Batteries4less.com has created Holiday Bundles. Holiday bundles include a brand new, non-refurbished cell phone battery, charger, stylus, and cell phone case.  Holiday bundles are a simple and cost effective way to purchase useful gifts for anyone with a cell phone.  Bundled accessories are now available for top brand cell phone models such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, iPhone, and more.  They have been so popular that Batteries4less.com says they will continue to keep value bundles in their inventory year round.  Visit https://www.batteries4less.com for more details.

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