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    Home Standard, Announces Essential Oils and Diffuser Blog Named Aromasent

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    Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser Blog will focus on essential oils advice, how to safely use essential oils in diffusers and other methods, reviews of products that diffuse essential oils in various ways, recipes for effective beauty, health and cleaning solutions to replace harsh chemical products, products that use essential oils safely in the home, and other topics related to essential oils. The blog is kicking off with tips for using essential oil for spring cleaning and more.

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    Ted Roberson, Founder and CEO of Home Standard and successful Amazon seller, announces the official launch of the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser Blog. The new blog will present safe ways to use essential oils in diffusers, but the blog won’t stop there.

    The Aromasent Blog will provide series on topics such as safe and effective recipes for making money-saving, eco-friendly products including beauty products, skin care, cleaning products, tips for safely using essential oils both in diffusers and other methods, how to choose the best essential oils, and much, much more.

    This aromatherapy diffuser is portable and very easy to use. It uses common tap water which is actually applied to dilute the essential oil to safe levels and the water reservoir is easy to access and clearly marked so users know exactly when the reservoir is at the maximum operating level. It has a self-regulating shut off switch to prevent burnouts if the unit is left on with no water in the water tank, an excellent security function. The unit provides up to six hours of pleasant aromatherapy on a singular water tank refill.

    Roberson stated, “I don’t want to create a blog that just plugs my product. My goal is to educate people about how essential oils can improve our lives in so many ways.” Roberson’s Home Standard product line is made up only of products he uses in his own home and life, ones that have proven to be of true quality and value as well as affordable enough for any budget.

    Roberson, his spouse and children all use the products in the Home Standard line for real world testing, adding only products that prove to be extremely useful, created of quality materials, earth friendly, and sturdy enough to safely stand up to extended use by the consumer.

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    Roberson will also be launching a more robust blog for his TurboFlash rechargeable waterproof LED flashlights and headlamps. Learn more at TurboFlashLedHeadLamp.com
    - Ted Roberson
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    Ted Roberson



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