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    Hot Tubs, Sauna Sale Minneapolis Supports National Diabetes Month

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    Minneapolis Hot Tubs, Sauna Sale Dealer Participates in National Diabetes Month. Offers Free Portable Spa Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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    Hot Spring Spas of Minnesota, a hot tub dealer selling new and used hot tubs, portable spas, swim spas and saunas publishes “Three Tips for Living with Type II Diabetes.”

    “Diabetes month is a great program designed to help people understand and fight the illness that affects millions of Americans,” said Randall Long, general manager, twin cities.  “Some of the helpful tools and activities that are a part of the program include literature that is free and easy to access, community services to help people recognize risks or discover if diabetes has already begun.”

    “No matter what the symptoms, or even when no symptoms are present, it is important to check regularly for high blood sugar issues, because overweight people are not the only people affected by the disease, and the earlier it is caught, the more effective control actions are in keeping it in check,” continued Long. Here are three simple tips for living with Type II diabetics.

    Recognize Thirst - Thirst is a common sign of diabetes; however, sometimes hunger is also really the body needing more fluids. The type of fluids is important too. Obviously sugary drinks are not a good thing for anyone, much less someone with blood sugar issues, but any kind of fluid that includes other additives make it harder for the body to process and are difficult for the kidneys.

    Since one of the major organs targeted for damage by Type II diabetes are the kidneys, it just makes sense to help them work more efficiently and better. Drinking pure water is the best thing for the kidneys and the body in general. It also helps to reduce hunger and even when hunger pangs really are about food, drinking a glass of water before eating can help cut down on the amount of food eaten.

    Exercise Every Day - Even if regular exercise is difficult, do things that help the body move and get a workout when performing normal daily chores or functions. Walk to nearby stores, park as far away from the door at work or stores, take stairs instead of elevators whenever possible. Every little bit of extra movement is an important step toward being healthier.

    Learn to Relax - Life is so busy that it can be difficult to unwind. Stress and activities are a part of everyone’s waking hours from childhood to senior citizens, and getting rid of that stress helps reduce the impact of diseases like diabetes.

    Get a Minneapolis hot tub for the yard so family and friends can all enjoy the luxury of the relaxing water and get the extra benefits of hot water therapy for reducing blood sugar levels. A study at the McKee Medical Center in Loveland Colorado showed that soaking in a hot tub for a half hour, six days a week, helped patients with Type II diabetes lower blood sugar levels and lose weight.

    It doesn’t take long to get a hot tub up and running. Installation takes just a few hours, and hot tubs are simple to care for. They also offer many additional options that enhance their effectiveness. Getting a television or stereo system added to the hot tub is a good way to create the ultimate entertainment center.

    A hot tub is also a great place to do imagination exercises and having a hot tub at home gives people something to look forward to no matter how tiring or aggravating the day at work or school is. It doesn’t matter how big or small a yard or patio is, hot tubs come in many sizes to fit any home or family size.

    Consumers wanting to learn more about hot tubs and how they can help improve overall health and well-being are encouraged to pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub.” Just visit the company website for more information http://www.HotSpringGreen.com.

    About Hot Spring Spas of Minnesota and Iowa HotSpring Spas of Iowa and Minnesota offers a large selection of new and used hot tubs and saunas for sale and a variety of hot tub, sauna, repairs, parts, and accessories.  They are Minnesota's and Iowa’s premier source for Hot Spring Spas and Hot Tubs, Saunatec and Finnleo Saunas, A & B Backyard Accessories, and proudly carry the SilkBalance for Spas water treatment system.  To learn more, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s Guide “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub”.  Just call 651-731-9745 or go to http://www.HotSpringGreen.com.

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    Diabetes month is a great program designed to help people understand and fight the illness that affects millions of Americans.
    - Randall Long, General Manager, Twin Cities
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