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    Houston-based SEO Experts Offer Free Business Analysis

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    SEO Houston Pros, a Texas-based search engine optimization firm, offers all clients a

    free, detailed business analysis to increase exposure and stand up to the competition.

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    Today, the Texas-based search engine optimization firm SEO Houston Pros announce a free service designed to aid businesses large and small in a crucial effort: more customer visibility. A free business analysis is being offered for all interested parties, no matter how large or small the company, the marketing budget, or the target audience. The analysis is provided in a video format for ease of understanding and immediate application, and it begins by breaking down the online exposure of the company in question, while then comparing it to the level of exposure enjoyed by three industry competitors. According to Garrett Laidler, _____ of SEO Houston Pros, this analysis gives professionals in charge of marketing a corporate brand a complete understanding of what's working and what isn't, why a customer base may not be expanding as quickly as expected, and how a company's marketing budget may be unnecessarily disappearing right into the pockets of the competition. While internet searching is more popular than ever before, 95% of 'Googlers' will stop with the results received on page one. Any business not represented on that first page of results is at a distinct disadvantage. On top of that, Google has transitioned to a new algorithm, and marketers have to lean on SEO professionals to understand this changing dynamic and move a brand forward without losing momentum. SEO Houston Pros looks to tackle these issues and find solutions, with the first step being this free business analysis. For more information on the offer and the company behind it, visit SEOHoustonPros.com, or click on the links below.

    Details: Houston, TX: Today, the Houston, Texas-based digital firm SEO Houston Pros announced a free business analysis for all interested customers. The analysis is designed to assist businesses in any field to greater take advantage of the power of the internet, by providing a detailed snapshot of a company's online exposure, and then comparing it to the exposure of three industry competitors. This allows everyone within a company, from the CEO down to the social media intern, to clearly see what is going right and what is going wrong with a particular social media strategy, and how the firm's money can be spent more wisely.

    SEO Houston Pros provides this business analysis in a video format, taking the client through each detail in simple, easy to understand terms, free of confusing jargon. The viewer will be able to quickly assimilate the new information, and them move from discovery into strategy, and right on into action. It's a valuable tool that is applicable to companies with any type of business that needs to drive interest and visibility online.

    According to Garrett Laidler, ______ of SEO Houston Pros, this free service could not come at a more opportune moment. “With the transition Google has made into Panda 4.2, their new algorithm, it is imperative that people understand how to best utilize Google to get their brand, and their business directly to the people who are searching for it. We've found many of our clients are literally throwing money at their competition, simply by not positioning their company in front of their perspective customers. And time is of the essence.”

    SEO Houston Pros decided to offer this free analysis as a way for prospective clients to truly understand the importance of search, and see firsthand the results that could be generated for a business through expert level internet marketing and search engine optimization. Mr. Laidler also confirmed that, far too often, a brand manager or marketing executive simply gives up on internet exposure due to a lack of understanding and evolving strategic approach.

    In the end, competition for visibility is too heated to ignore the power of Google. 95% of all internet searchers choose a solution from the very first page of search results. That means businesses that aren't savvy enough to find themselves on that first page will lose precious exposure, as well as thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every month to the competition. The quality of their service won't matter, regrettably. Better brands and services fall to inferior competition all the time, simply due to a misunderstanding or misuse of SEO.

    “We pride ourselves on working with precision, white hat tactics to provide our clients with a fast track business model, ensuring success for everyone,” continues Mr. Laidler. “All business owners need more clients walking through their doors. This free offer is the first step towards that goal, while improving brand awareness and reputation.”

    While SEO Houston Pros is located in Texas, this offer is available for potential customers across the country. For more information on this offer and the company behind it, visit http://www.seohoustonpros.com, or click on the email below to send a question.

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