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    Huge Success for Patient to Patient Ambassador Program at Spine Associates!

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    Houston Texas: Spine Associates, founded by Dr. Richard Francis in 2003, instituted a Patient to Patient Ambassador Program that has become hugely successful for patients facing back or spine surgery. This immensely helps the person who has not had surgery to better understand what will take place, how everything works, what to expect and simply have the full support of another patient who has already gone through a very similar experience.

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    The Patient to Patient Ambassador Program at Spine Associates is proving to be very successful in alleviating fears and managing the concerns for back and spine surgery patients. Patients facing an upcoming surgery are being helped by former patients with a similar experience. The idea of this program is to provide patients considering surgery a connection and opportunity to have a one on one conversation with a very supportive former surgery patient. Each new patient is carefully matched up with a former patient based partly on age, gender, and similarity of surgery needed. The new patients choose and decide for themselves how they communicate with the former patients. Whether it’s by phone, email, or in person, Spine Associates makes the connection and provides the opportunity.

    Following are some of these great success stories…… Paraphrased from their own words;

    Brian’s Story Brian felt like Dr. Francis had given him his life back… where he had lost feeling in both legs and feet for the best part of 18 years. Dr. Francis repaired Brian’s lower spine where he now has full feeling and actually feels every little breeze and sensation. Then, 2 months later, Dr. Francis did the same in his neck and restored full feeling and use to both arms and both hands where previously Brian only had a little feeling in the thumb and index finger on each hand. Brian feels like what Dr. Francis did is a miracle and he’s the finest surgeon who really cares for and about his patients. He would recommend him to anyone who has any back problems. He feels saved from quite likely ending up a quadriplegic, like he owes Dr. Francis his life, thanks Dr. Francis and feels like he will be forever in his debt.

    Charlotte’s Story Before surgery, Charlotte was unable to stand long enough to watch her grandbabies play football and baseball. Her life has improved significantly since her surgery and wishes she would have done it years ago. Charlotte was missing out on pretty much everything that she enjoyed in life. She could no longer work in her garden or attend her grandchildren’s sporting events, like football and baseball games. It simply hurt too much to sit or stand for any length of time. It’s been 4 months since Charlotte’s surgery and now she can work in the yard and care for her flowers, walk her dogs, and go to games with all 11 of her grandbabies.  After surgery, her legs were instantly free of pain, and now she’s free of her back pain.  She has not had to take any pain medications. Charlotte values the compassion and understanding that was given to her by Dr. Francis, the Spine Associates Staff, and the staff at the hospital where she had her surgery.

    Cassandra’s Story Cassandra was in excruciating pain, a pain that she could never describe. Cassandra made several trips to the ER and visited her General Practitioner as well. None of them could figure out what was wrong. Her General Practitioner referred her to Dr. Richard Francis who reviewed her MRI and after visiting with her, immediately advised her to have surgery (ACDF). She was skeptical at first, but found herself on his operating table two weeks later. It was the best decision she could have made. Before she went into surgery, Dr. Francis told her not to worry and that he would take good care of her. She was never so scared in her life, but she trusted him. Now, she can say she’s so thankful that God put Dr. Francis in her life. She is now able to sleep again and perform daily tasks that others take for granted. Cassandra would definitely recommend Dr. Francis. She believes he was truly a blessing to her and works hard to fulfill the calling that God has placed on his life, that of giving his patients a pain free life.

    Spine Associates, Founded by Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis, is grounded in their mission and values, which reflect their high regard for conservatism, quality of care, timeliness and the most up to date technology. The entire staff at Spine Associates aspires to develop genuine relationships with each patient and ensure a safe and rewarding experience throughout every step of their treatment and recovery. The health of their patients is the benchmark of their success. All patients are offered an appointment to see Dr. Francis within three days of calling, and on the same day if needed. At every visit, patients are seen directly by Dr. Francis. The referring provider receives a letter or call regarding the patients’ consults within 24 hours. They’ve built close relationships with teams of neurologists, physiatrists and pain specialists to assure timely delivery of care.

    For further information, call 888-977-4625 or Visit the Website at www.myspineassociates.com.

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    “I knew what I wanted to do from my first exposure to spine surgery in medical school. What grabbed me was that you could take a child with a severe deformity and—within just a few hours—correct it to the point where it was almost normal.”
    - Richard R.M. Francis, M.D. MBA, FRCS Ed., FRCS Ed. (Tr & Orth)
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