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    Jacuzzi Spas Beaverton, Hillsboro Supports Shares Ways to Improve Your Attitude

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    Beaverton, Hillsboro Jacuzzi Spas Dealer Publishes Guide for National Positive Attitude Month.

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    Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Portland serving Beaverton and Hillsboro Oregon publishes helpful guide for hot tub and portable spa owners.

    “A good attitude gives people a basis for handling difficulties and setbacks, and finding ways to overcome problems in order to succeed in their goals,” said Sue Rogers the company’s President.

    “October is National Positive Attitude Month, and is a great time to begin practicing some quick and simple ways of improving attitudes in order to live a happier and more productive life,” continued Rogers. Here are 3 things anyone can do to improve their attitude quickly.

    Avoid Polarization – Remember that most things are not black and white. When things happen, they may seem bad, but in reality, very few things in life are completely bad or completely good. Look for the middle ground.

    Having a positive attitude is not about being blinded to the negative possibilities in life, or ignoring serious issues that occur. It is about recognizing them, and then finding ways to make the good things in the circumstances mean more than the bad. By finding the good and accepting the bad as a minor obstacle to be dealt with, people can take the power out of a negative situation.

    Don’t Create Catastrophe – Making common, everyday problems into huge obstacles is a quick path to anger and frustration. When people let themselves expect the worst out of every situation, they usually get it. Go into everything with the feeling and expectation that they will work out for the best, and avoid letting little mishaps cloud the way the rest of the events of the day appear.

    Keep in mind that most things that happen are a random result of simple accidents that are not personal. They just happen, and they happen to everybody. Learn to laugh at the craziness of the world, and things that can’t be controlled, and look for the good in everything. Expecting the worst can, indeed, produce just that, but expecting the best can also produce the best results.

    De-Stress Daily with a Beaverton Jacuzzi Spa – Create a peaceful place at home, so that entering the house is like walking into a sanctuary. The entire family can benefit from a place that allows them to get rid of the tensions and stress of the day. A hot tub in the yard or on the patio is a popular, easy to care for and fun solution to getting rid of the buildup of stress that can occur from all angles throughout the work/school day.

    Having a hot tub at home is like a permanent spa vacation without the travel. There’s no expensive monthly health club fees, no crowds of other club members, no parking hassles and it isn’t necessary to take time off work or away from school. Having a hot tub at home means everyone can soak in luxury whenever they have a few minutes free.

    To encourage local residents to check out the benefits of using a Jacuzzi Spa to help improve their overall health and well-being, Jacuzzi Hot Tub of Portland is providing free test soaks at their Outlet Store and Beaverton showrooms. They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute soak call them ahead of time at 503-277-2170 to reserve their spot.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of their free hot tub buyer’s guide. It provides useful information that will help consumers make an informed buying decision. Just call 503-277-2170 or visit www.JacuzziHotTubsPortland.com

    About Us Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Portland is the area’s exclusive dealer of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Portable Spas. At Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Portland, their experts will help customers find the perfect hot tub to fit their backyard, lifestyle and budget! They feature only the most innovative and best-in-market products at all their convenient locations.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of their free hot tub buyer’s guide. It’s jam-packed with useful information that will help customers make an informed buying decision. Just give them a call at 503-277-2170 or visit www.JacuzziHotTubsPortland.com

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    A good attitude gives people a basis for handling difficulties and setbacks, and finding ways to overcome problems in order to succeed in their goals.
    - Sue Rogers the company’s President
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