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    JustRightSEO.com Teach Business Owners the Importance on Placing the Physical Address of the Business on Every Page of a Website

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    A new local SEO training video from JustRightSEO.com explains to business owners why they should list the physical location of the business on every page of their website and gives tips for how to accomplish this quickly using plain text or the search-engine preferred rich snippet format.

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    Location, location, location. Its the number one principle of offline marketing AND the number one principle of online marketing for local businesses. Clearly stating the physical location of the business on your website so that customers and search engines know where you are located is vital. It sounds so obvious, but as many as 50 percent of local business websites fail to mention the location.

    The vital nature of listing your physical location on your local business website is the subject of video lesson number 1 in the SEO in 99 Seconds series from JustRightSEO.com. The video shares strategies for easily adding your Business Name, Address and Phone Number to every page of your website by inserting it into the sidebar or footer template. The lesson also includes an advanced Local SEO strategy using rich snippets to 'mark-up' your business data. This advanced tip only takes minutes to implement on your website and is a major local search rankings booster.

    This video is the first in an ongoing series of free Local SEO training videos from JustRightSEO.com called SEO in 99 Seconds. Video number 2 will teach small business owners how to make optimal use of the Home Page Title Tags on their websites. The full series is available on YouTube or the company' s website. Small business owners that wish to be notified about new lessons should subscribe to the YouTube channel or the free SEO newsletter.


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    Local search is about your location. It never ceases to amaze me how many local business do not list their physical location clearly on their websites and then want to blame search engine algorithms for not showing them in results.
    - Andrea Kropp
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    Andrea Kropp

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