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    K9 Joint Relief Announces That Its Products Are Being Manufactured In The USA

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    K9 Joint Relief has recently announced that it is manufacturing all of its products within the United States. The company is choosing to do this for many reasons, although the main reason is because they believe this allows them to adhere to the high standards set out by the US.

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    K9 Joint Relief has just announced that it is currently manufacturing all of its products within the United States. The manufacturers believe that by producing their liquid glucosamine for dogs within this sort of environment will allow them to build a measure of trust with potential clients because of the standards to which American manufacturers are held. There are a variety of additional reasons why the company is choosing to manufacture the supplements within the country.

    Labor standards within the US allow products such as K9 Joint Relief dog joint supplements for dogs to be produced in a factory that promotes safe working conditions, as well as adheres to child labor laws. What is more, the manufacturing process contributes to the economy within the country.

    Customers are usually familiar with the manufacturing standards within the country in which they live, so the company believes that this will contribute to them making the decision to purchase K9 Joint Relief because they believe it to be of a high quality. If customers are unsure about the standards to which the company is held, they can look up this information fairly easily. The facility in which K9 Joint Relief is manufactured is FDA approved, according to the manufacturer.

    This supplement is manufactured to promote healthy joint functioning in dogs. It works to repair damage that has been done to the substance that cushions joints within the body, cartilage, therefore alleviating pain and difficulties in movement according to the experts. As dogs begin to age, it is common for their joints to begin to deteriorate and this can be quite painful, the experts believe. In some cases, this has been known to disable animals.

    The supplement contains a mixture of ingredients that work to repair the damage, including glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, proline, horsetail herb, grape seed extract, boron and manganese. It is believed that this formula is complete and will not only repair deterioration in older dogs, but prevent it from occurring in younger animals.

    Due to its effect on the body, the supplement is able to reduce inflammation, reduce stiffness and improve the overall flexibility of the animal. When it comes to healthy animals, the supplement is able to maintain the overall healthy joint structure, as the experts put it.

    The supplement is available in liquid form because the manufacturers believe this allows for a much higher absorption rate when compared with capsules or pills. This also allows pet owners to pour the supplement over their food or mix it in with their water.

    K9 Joint Relief has announced that they are manufacturing their supplements within an FDA-approved, state-of-the-art facility due to the high standards to which these facilities are held, among a variety of other reasons.

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