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    K9z Rule LLC Announces Money Back Guarantee

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    K9z Rule LLC has recently announced that they will be offering a 1 year money back guarantee on their products. This guarantee allows customers to simply return the product for a full refund in the event they aren’t happy with it.

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    K9z Rule LLC has just announced that they are now offering their clients a full 1 year money back guarantee on their K9 Joint Relief products. Customers who purchase their products can return them if they aren't happy within 12 months after making a purchase.

    This company has established a reputation for themselves as suppliers of the best glucosamine for dogs, but this guarantee has been put in place to ensure new customers have the flexibility to return the product if they are not completely happy with it and obtain a full refund.

    K9z Rule LLC has stated that the guarantee will apply to each customer only once per product. Before the refund will be administered, clients will need to return the K9 Joint Relief bottle, as well as the remaining contents, to the company.

    K9 Joint Relief was formulated to help with joint care for dogs and is usually utilized on animals that are advanced in years and begining to experience deterioration or pain within their joints. This can be a very painful experience for these animals, according to the professionals. Joint care aims to combat many of the common symptoms associated with this deterioration, which tend to worsen if ignored. In time, the experts say, certain animals may end up struggling to walk or move about freely because of these conditions.

    The product itself is manufactured within the United States and the company makes use of an FDA approved facility to ensure that the product is manufactured under high quality guidelines. This goes a long way in speaking for the overall quality of the product, as well as the safety measures that are upheld during the manufacturing process. These are facts that pet owners take seriously when choosing supplements for their animals.

    These supplements are in liquid form, according to the manufacturers, because it is believed that this can be absorbed by the body faster and more thoroughly than capsules, or pills. In order to administer the supplement, pet owners need to pour a specified amount of the liquid over their pet's food, or into their drinking water.

    Some of the effects of this product include a reduction in inflammation and pain, improved flexibility, repair of damaged cartilage, and maintenance of healthy bone structure.

    K9z Rule LLC has stated that K9 Joint Relief is not only for older dogs. It can be used for younger healthy dogs too because it works to maintain the overall bone structure of an animal. The company believes that when administered early, the supplement can actually prevent or delay the onset of many degenerative conditions that affect older dogs.

    The company has recently stated that for every product purchased, they will donate 5% of their proceeds to organizations that care for homeless dogs.

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    Tim Warren K9z Rule LLC 1278 Justin Rd Suite 109 Lewisville, TX 75077 Phone Number: (972) 755-9801 Email Address: [email protected]

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