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    Latest Article Release From prREACH Details the Importance of a Video Press Release

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    In a new article published by digital marketing and public relations firm prREACH, the author discusses the diminishing returns of the traditional press release, and how public relations must evolve for the digital age.

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    San Diego, CA: Digital marketing and public relations firm prREACH recently published an article focused on the changing dynamics in the world of public relations, and how trends in consumer tendencies and content dissemination are forcing PR and marketing professionals to rethink the structure of the press release.

    The article, entitled, “The PR Panic Attack: Why Your Brand Needs A Video Press Release”, begins with a humorous look at a struggling brand manager, public relations professional or business owner. In the article, each of these individuals share the same goal, which is taking a newsworthy announcement, disseminating it with a traditional press release, and impacting the bottom line with increased visibility and consumer interaction. The problem, according to the article's author, is that the traditional press release is showing diminishing returns across the board. A standard press release, even if it is well worded, is no longer having the same impact it once enjoyed.

    “The PR Panic Attack” continues by offering video press releases as the best solution. According to the article, a video press release is simply a traditional press release that incorporates a video summary, professionally produced and performed, with integrated social media sharing and the ability to be downloaded and embedded within a company website. According to the article, which backs up its claims with hard data, more and more internet users are spending the bulk of their online hours consuming video content. A press release that doesn't integrate video may have difficulty competing against those that do within this new dynamic.

    The article continues with a discussion of how the sharing of news has evolved over time, and the huge impact the internet, with its 24-hour a day news cycle, has had. According to the author, public relations efforts must take this impact into consideration, and understand that the modern press release is competing with every other outlet that publishes newsworthy items, as well as all of the other pieces of entertainment and technological hardware that could command a consumer's attention. The article suggests that without video integration, a press release has very little chance of beating out this competition and attracting an internet user's interest.

    The author concludes with details concerning some of the unforeseen benefits of a video press release. According to the article, a prREACH video press release is professional and polished, with the information summarized by a well-spoken news anchor. It is suggested that this would build authority for a brand with its core audience, much in the same way that a third party positive review creates authority on a website such as Yelp. Additionally, the video press release is embedded with social media sharing tools, allowing the viewer to place the video portion of the press release on all major social networking sites.

    To read the article in its entirety, or for more information about prREACH's services - http://prreach.com/blog/the-pr-panic-attack-why-your-brand-needs-a-video-press-release

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    A video press release is simply a traditional press release that incorporates a video summary.
    - prREACH
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