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    Local Search Optimization Video Training Series Launched by JustRightSEO.com

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    JustRightSEO.com, leading provider of local SEO services, has launched a new video training program teaching small business owners the essentials of local search optimization. The series is called “SEO in 99 Seconds” and all lessons are available for free on the company’s website and YouTube channel.

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    Companies that top the search engine rankings in their local area stand to gain a large amount of free exposure, website traffic and new customers. But, very few small business owners have any idea what actions they need to take to improve their rankings in Google, Bing or Yahoo search. Compounding this problem is the fact that many SEO agencies like to describe the Google algorithm as a black box to which they hold the key and charge exorbitant prices for services that deliver nebulous benefits. Even worse, are the SEO eBooks with the fancy sales promises and slick graphics which don’t contain anything beyond obvious beginner tactics.

    JustRightSEO.com founder Andrea Kropp saw a great need to provide high quality, actionable information about local search optimization that speaks directly to the time-strapped small business owner. In response Andrea and her team have created a video training series called SEO in 99 Seconds. The SEO in 99 Seconds series breaks the complex subject of search engine optimization into lessons of 99 seconds or less. Each lesson has a main teaching point, just enough background (or links to background reading sources) to put the lesson in context, and real-world examples of how to implement that lesson. While the lessons are arranged broadly in order of importance, the modular approach allows viewers to skip around to the topics that interest them or where they need the most help.

    The SEO in 99 Seconds series in an entirely free resource. The training is available on the JustRightSEO.com website in the Advice section and on YouTube. JustRightSEO.com plans to release a new video every 4-7 days until all the essential topics have been addressed – probably about 40 videos in all. To date, four lessons have been produced:

    1. Name, Address, Phone on Every Page 2. Home Page Title Tag 3. Meta Description SEO 4. Google Plus Local Categories

    Additional lessons are now in production and will cover topics such as embedding Google Maps in a website, creating and submitting sitemaps, creating social media pages, backlinking, internal linking, claiming directory profiles and establishing Google Authorship for your content. Small business owners that wish to be notified as new lessons become available should subscribe to the YouTube channel or the free email newsletter.

    The entire JustRightSEO.com team is excited about the launch and hopes that small business owners and their marketing teams find it clear, concise and useful. For businesses that do not wish to do their own search optimization work, JustRightSEO.com also offers affordable Local SEO services including packages focusing on website SEO, Video SEO or Press Release SEO.

    Subscribe to SEO in 99 Seconds http://justrightseo.com/seo-in-99-seconds http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOYA960WeSzrkmyNrXB3NoA8SRCQ0XiwB

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    Small business owners struggle to find reliable SEO services and advice. We want to take the mystery out of SEO and clearly demonstrate each step in a local optimization campaign in a way that beginners can follow.
    - Andrea Kropp
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    Andrea Kropp

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