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    MealDeliveryReviewer Launches Information Resource

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    With dozens of meal delivery services to choose from, consumers are faced with the difficult decision. Picking who is going to feed them and their families.

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    August 8th, 2016 - (Phoenix, AZ) - MealDeliveryReviewer.com (MDR) brings to market a new platform and information resource to help consumers. The popularity of pre-packaged meal delivery continues to skyrocket and new meal delivery services are flooding into the market.

    The meal delivery industry has seen exponential growth in the past 16 months with its popularity increasing by over 3x in the past 2 years. “We wanted to provide more information than was readily available for consumers which really was limited to one off articles that reviewed or compared meal delivery providers or homemade Youtube videos by customers. We feel like what’s out there still leaves consumers uneasy about the company they eventually end up picking because aren’t given enough information” says MDR’s CEO.

    MDR’s rating system is the backbone of their reviews. It rates and scores each company on a scale from 1 - 10 across 8 factors of the decision making process. Those factors are Plans & Pricing, Taste, Food Quality, Menu Options, Recipes, Additional Services, Customer Experience, and Chef’s Review. Additional attention is paid to the Customer Experience category as this score is generated directly from customers. A customer is allowed to score from 1 - 10 any provider and give a written review. That score is then averaged with all other scores of that company and used as the Customer Experience value. All scores in the system are weighted according to their importance and combine to make up the company’s “Our Rating.” This score can then be used to objectively compare one company’s score to the next.

    Meal Delivery Reviewer launches with ratings of two top providers, Plated and Green Chef, and plans to add over a dozen new reviews in the coming weeks.

    MDR’s goal is to give consumers what they’re looking for when they’re reviewing meal delivery companies. Their objective review and rating system is designed to assess the pertinent information of each company especially when it comes to decision making. Each company included on MDR has been reviewed and researched carefully including testing the product in person in most cases. Additionally, MDR crowd sources feedback from real customers to get a broad opinion of each meal delivery provider.

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    As with any decision, there are a lot of options to choose from and when it comes to feeding yourself and your family, we think it’s important that consumers have an objective way to compare one service to another in this food market where it seems like there’s a new provider every day.”
    - MDR’s CEO
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    Jeff Metz



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