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    Mike Koenigs Offers Entrepreneurs “An Unfair Advantage” in Jan 9th Livecast

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    Instant Customer CEO Announces Annual Marketing Predictions in Leadup to Interactive Livecast.

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    San Diego, Calif., January 7, 2014 – Instant Customer CEO Mike Koenigs will host a 4-hour interactive livecast on January 9, 2014, entitled “How to Explode Your Business in 2014.” This free livecast will begin at 11am Pacific time, 2 pm Eastern time and 7pm GMT. The live event features #1 Bestselling Author Mike Koenigs and several expert guests answering participants’ questions and sharing actionable ideas on how to build an online audience with “Multicast Marketing”, based on Koenigs’ predictions for 2014. Free registration to participate in this interactive webcast is now available. The entire program will be available for viewing after the broadcast date. The link for post-event viewing access will be available on the Instant Customer website.

    Koenigs, a recent cancer survivor, just posted his annual Business Marketing Predictions video on YouTube and Facebook, in which he shares his analysis of “What’s going away, what’s emerging, what’s growing?” Dick Larkin, President of Commando Media Group in Chicago, says “Mike has consistently shown me things a year or two before I understood them.”

    In this video, which outlines the 2014 content marketing strategies to be explained in the live January 9 event, Koenigs introduces his unique method for leveraging market patterns into increased online engagement, audience growth and revenue. He comments, “We’ll show you what a Clipper Ship, Amazon, and Saturday Night Live have in common!” Ed Rush, business performance specialist, says “If you’re looking for actionable, implementable strategies, tactics and resources to grow your audience engagement in 2014, you’ve got to watch Mike Koenigs’ 2014 Content Marketing Predictions video.

    ”Koenigs uses a story-telling method to draw participants in and show them the specific fulcrum points that savvy entrepreneurs can profit from – regardless of the overall state of the economy. Using Uber as an example, he describes how viewers can “Uber-ize” their business. He explains how frustration and chaos in a market are actually signs of opportunity, and he ties this in with the huge potential of “latent demand,” which he describes as “the gap between what the consumer wants and what they currently use.

    ”The tools that Koenigs presents focus on using emerging technologies to create a device-independent platform. He charts the game-changing trends of 2014 and explains how each entrepreneur needs to reinvent content creation, and “think of your business as a series of shows!” Content can be created once and then simultaneously shared through multicasting, a combination of social media marketing, book marketing, online publishing, podcasting, and more.

    Instant Customer is a privately-held marketing automation company located in San Diego. Some celebrity clients that use Instant Customer include NY Times #1 Bestselling Authors Daniel Amen and Jack Canfield, Success Magazine Publisher Darren Hardy, XPrize Founder Peter Diamandis and iLoveMarketing’s Joe Polish.                                                                   ###Press Contacts: For more information, contact Mike Koenigs at 858-412-0858 or [email protected]

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