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    Nationwide Secured Capital Enhances its REAL Partner Program

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    2015 Improvements Enable Real Estate, Accounting & Financial, Legal &Title Professionals to Deliver Even More Value to their Clients through the NSC REAL Partner Program

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    HOUSTON, TEXAS - Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) today announced a complimentary appraisal service for participants in its already successful REAL Partner Program that enhances Client relationships for professionals in the areas of:

    ● Real Estate

    ● Accounting (CPAs, Financial Planners/Consultants)

    ● Legal Services (Attorneys and Title companies) NSC provides services to clients who hold Annuities, Real Estate Notes, or who no longer need Life Policies.

    For over 5 years, through its REAL Partner Program, NSC has assisted numerous Real Estate professionals, Attorneys, and CPAs with its complimentary eBooks on creating and holding a Promissory Note at maximum value. Now, NSC REAL Partners will also receive the appraisal service voucher that they or their clients can use.

    Gene Powers, founding principal of the company, states, "In 2015, we're now providing this additional, complimentary appraisal service to our REAL Partners enabling them to provide this additional valuable service to their clients - at no cost to our Partners.”

    The REAL Partners can simply give to their clients a voucher provided by NSC. The client can then use the voucher to receive a thorough, complimentary appraisal report from NSC (valued at $795) for the cash value today of the future cash flow asset they hold. The appraisal gives real top of market pricing - which the client can apply in Net Worth calculations, or for potential conversion of the asset to cash in the secondary market. The appraisal can also be used for negotiations in the private sale of the asset.

    In response to the announcement, one attorney who chose Nationwide Secured Capital for assistance in sale of a client note [NSC completed purchase of this note from a family trust client of the attorney where borrower had low and challenged credit, and was not buyable by other investors], comments, “Our transaction went smoothly - You handled professionally and got it done!. I look forward to receiving your appraisal voucher to use with my other clients, and your email with information on all the resources [of your REAL Partner Program.]”

    To join the Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) REAL Partner program:

    ● Simply go online to www.NationwideSecuredCapital.com/REAL to register for more information today

    ● OR, send an email to [email protected] In the subject line, write REAL Partner Application In the body of the email, write your full contact information.

    About Nationwide Secured Capital

    Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) is a well established brokerage and investment firm specializing in real estate notes, annuities, and life insurance policy investments in all 50 States. NSC maintains offices in locations across the U.S. to better serve clients in all locations.

    Nationwide Secured Capital enjoys an excellent reputation and track record in paying top of market prices for loans, annuities, and policies it purchases, and for closing a much higher percentage of the offers it has made - exactly as they were made.

    The company maintains offices in several locations across the U.S. to best serve its clients located in all time zones and locations who wish to value or sell their real estate notes, annuities, or life policies. NSC established and runs the SMILE FUND ONE LLC investment fund for investors - which is registered with the SEC as an exempt offering, and provides acquisition and/or management services to other investment funds and investor portfolios.

    © 2015 Nationwide Secured Capital. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Media contacts Lourdes Ceguerra [email protected]

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    Gene Powers, founding principal of the company, states,"In 2015, we're now providing this additional, complimentary appraisal service to our REAL Partners enabling them to provide this additional valuable service to their clients - at no cost to our Partners."
    - Gene Powers
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    Lourdes Ceguerra



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