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    New Change.org Petition To Remove Certain Coloring Agents From U.S. Sport Drinks

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    Mark Wilhelmsson has revealed that he has started a petition through Change.org that calls for the removal of certain food coloring agents from the U.S. sports drink market. These food coloring agents have been banned outside of the United States because they are believed to be harmful to the body.

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    Mark Wilhelmsson has recently announced that he has released a petition through Change.org that calls for the removal of specific food coloring agents from the sports drink market within the U.S. The food coloring agents, which are listed within the petition, have been labeled unfit for consumption in various other countries other than the United States, and Wilhelmsson is calling for sports drink manufacturers within the U.S. to stop using them within their products.

    A list of the banned ingredients that are being used within the U.S has been compiled by nutritionists Jayson Calton and Mira Calton in their book "Rich Food, Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System."

    According to these professionals, the manufacturers aren't necessarily putting the ingredients into their products because they are "bad people." As they put it, these manufacturers might not know the ingredients are believed to be unhealthy, or they might be added simply because these ingredients have always been a part of their original recipe.

    Furthermore, they stated consumers should be aware of the ingredients that posed a potential danger so that they can make more informed choices about whether they should be purchasing these ingredients. They believe that many individuals purchase products without taking the time to find out what is within the products they are consuming, and they are hoping to change that with their book.

    According to an article by Fox News, some of the ingredients that have been banned outside of the U.S. include; blue #1, blue #2, yellow #5, yellow #6 and red #40, among others. Many of these ingredients are found within products such as soda drinks, potato chips, dairy products and even chicken feed, although Wilhelmsson is particularly concerned by the sports drinks.

    Wilhelmsson states within the petition "many of the sports drinks within the U.S. market contain these ingredients, including some larger name brands, and both adults and children are consuming them without the knowledge that they have been banned outside of the country." Wilhelmsson further goes on to say "the companies often label their products as "healthy", even though they contain many of these alleged unhealthy ingredients and millions of these drinks are being purchased and consumed on a daily basis".

    The aim of the petition is to have these coloring agents removed from the sports drinks that are commonly sold within the United States. In order to accomplish this, Wilhelmsson is calling for individuals to sign the petition directly on the Change.org site. The petition will state that the signee is calling for the removal of these banned ingredients from the sports drinks currently being sold on the market within the United States.

    For more information about this press release, contact Mark Wilhelmsson on;

    914-629-7780 http://Mighty-SportUSA.com

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    "People in this country have become far too complacent consuming products labeled as containing 'Artificial Colors' and 'Artificial Flavors', and this has simply got to stop. Ignorance is not bliss when some of these artificial ingredients are actually banned in many countries around the world, but somehow still allowed here in the U.S., unbeknownst to most Americans. It's time for a wake up call."
    - Mark Wilhelmsson, Founding Partner Mighty-SportUSA.com
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