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    North Pointe Eye Associates Offers Dallas Patients Latest Diagnostic and Imaging Technology

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    Dallas optometrist Dr. W. Edward Culbertson offers latest optometric technology for patients

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    Dr. W. Edward Culbertson, Dallas optometrist at North Pointe Eye Associates is helping Texas patients find the highest level of eye care by offering a variety of advanced imaging and diagnostic tools. Some of these include features like digital refracting equipment, computerized pre-testing equipment, optomap retinal imaging, OCT retinal imaging, digital frame measurement equipment, and anterior segment photography.

    The computerized pre-testing equipment at North Pointe Eye Associates is used to conduct standard vision exams that detect any dysfunction in the central or peripheral vision that can be caused by a variety of medical conditions - something that vision exams administered without digital equipment may not be able to detect. Additionally, the OCT retinal imaging assists Dr. Culbertson in detecting pathology that can’t always be seen with a standard ophthalmoscope. Digital refracting equipment also helps reduce the risk of human error during eye exams, providing patients with the highest level of accuracy.

    Patients requiring eyeglasses will appreciate the digital frame measurement equipment offered at North Pointe Eye Associates. With this technology, patients are able to find not just the eyeglass prescription that is right for them, but also the frame structure that will fit correctly on their face to ensure the best possible vision.

    With anterior segment photography, Dr. Culbertson can examine the front third of the eye to detect diseases such as corneal injuries, conjunctivitis, cataracts, corneal ulcers, corneal swelling, and uveitis. The optomap retinal imaging offers state of the art technology that examines the health of the back of the eye which eliminates the need for pupil dilation drops in most instances, also reducing the length of downtime patients have after eye exams by not exposing their dilated pupils to bright light.

    Dr. Culbertson and his staff offer a full range of vision services at North Pointe Eye Associates, including eye examinations, optical dispensing, treatment for eye injuries, eye infections, and dry eye, along with contact lenses, preventive vision care, and treatment for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetes.

    About Dr. W. Edward Culbertson

    Dr. Culbertson has more than 40 years of experience in the optometry field. He has been a standing member of the American Optometric Association for more than four decades and has been voted one of America’s Top Optometrists by a national registry. In 2015, North Pointe Eye Associates was awarded the Patient’s Choice Award for Optometry in Dallas by opencare.com. They also received the Best Businesses of Dallas award in 2014.

    For more information about Dr. Culbertson and the advanced technology he offers at North Pointe Eye Associates, please visit www.NorthPointEyeAssociates.com.

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    Dr. W. Edward Culbertson

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