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    Nuru International Plans Expansion to Ethiopia

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    Ethiopia continually struggles to fight hunger, economic distress, and disease, with one-third of the Ethiopian people living in devastating poverty. Nuru International is proud to expand its innovative program for social change to Ethiopia.

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    June 3, 2014— Ethiopia is one of the world's oldest civilizations and has the second-highest population in Africa. However, one-third of the people there live in extreme poverty and struggle with devastating, hunger, inability to recover from downward shifts in the economy, inadequate education, disease, and high mortality rates. One organization has an ambitious goal not only to make a sustainable difference, but to also rid the region of poverty once and for all.  Known for their unique model of social innovation, outlined at http://www.nuruinternational.org/model/, Nuru International is thrilled to expand its program to Ethiopia.

    The brainchild of former Marine Jake Harriman, Nuru International has already shown with its program in Kuria, Kenya that it can successfully fight extreme poverty, as seen on their website http://www.nuruinternational.org. The non-profit organization feels confident that it can adapt its model to a new location and has chosen to establish headquarters in Boreda, Ethiopia, where the climate and agriculture are similar to that of Kuria. Nuru International works tirelessly to identify local leaders, members of the community that have the potential to inspire. Nuru then mentors these individuals, providing them with the leadership skills, critical thinking strategies, and teambuilding expertise to battle the area’s issues in an effective way that gets lasting results.

    For more information on Nuru International, including ways to support their efforts, opportunities to get involved, and research on what causes poverty, visit  http://www.nuruinternational.org/blog/tag/cause-and-effects-of-poverty/.

    About Us: Based in California, Nuru International is a non-profit organization leading the fight to end poverty in Kenya and Ethiopia. Founded by former Marine and Stanford graduate Jake Harriman, the company uses an innovative and unique model of social change that includes identifying and mentoring local leaders to inspire their communities.

    For More Information:  

    Kim Do

    Nuru International

    16400 Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 218

    Huntington Beach, California 92649

    (949) 667-0796

    [email protected]



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    Kim Do

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