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    Online Cookware Store Offers Improved Romertopf Clay Bakers

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    An ecommerce site specializing in home and cookware supplies is announcing the release of updated earthenware bakers by the renowned brand Romertopf®.

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    Stackmines.com’s modified Romertopf clay bakers are now glazed inside; all the earlier models of the clay bakers with unglazed interiors are being discontinued.

    The Stackmines.com site includes an informational video that reviews the new-and-improved clay pot bakers at http://www.stackmines.com/glazed-romertopf-clay-bakers/.

    Stackmines supports the new modifications because all the unglazed Romertopf were difficult to clean.

    “Now that the Romertopf is glazed inside, it’s much easier to clean,” said Christopher Lovos, owner of Stackmines. “We are very pleased with the newly modified Romertopf clay bakers and know our customers will be, too.”

    All of Stackmines’ Römertopf products are made from all-natural clay farmed from a very famous region in Germany known for its superior clay. Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany has one of the best clay quarries in the world. The name for this small region is the Kannenbäckerland, or “Jug Bakers’ Land,” a reference to the traditional ceramic industry there.

    On each Römertopf clay baker, the bottom section on the inside has been glazed with a glass lining. This lining is not made of any non-stick chemicals used on frying pans and pots. The glass material has been tested by all regulatory divisions and is 100 percent safe for cooking. The glaze makes cleaning the bakers easier and doesn't in anyway take away from the cooking benefits of clay cooking. All natural clay cooking uses steam to provide healthy, fall-off-the-bone results when baking meats. ABOUT STACKMINES Stackmines is an online source for the best in home goods and cookware anywhere on the internet. Their comprehensive line of home goods and cookware is based on two things: quality and affordability. Headquartered in Virginia, Stackmines was founded under the notion that people deserve high quality products at the lowest possible prices. They want to be the first place any cooking enthusiast goes when they need anything for their home or kitchen. Every item carried in the Stackmines store is hand selected to ensure the highest quality products..

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